Friday, June 3, 2016

Jorge Mateo, Jose Reyes & Further Proof that Brian Cashman is a Moron

The old saying “sometimes the move you don’t make is the best move you can make” or something along those lines have never been truer than with the New York Yankees. The New York Yankees on more than one occasion attempted to trade all of Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera and they tried to trade another top Yankees prospect and stud last summer as well. News broke yesterday that Brian Cashman tried, and almost did, trade top prospect and shortstop Jorge Mateo and half of his $22 million in salary to the Colorado Rockies for Jose Reyes.

If you needed further convincing and proof that Brian Cashman should not be running the show here in New York any more than look no further. Now to be truthful if this deal were true, and according to Jon Heyman it is, I can’t see a scenario where Colorado doesn’t immediately take the trade so you would think it was the Yankees that backed out for whatever reason but still. For Mateo to even be mentioned in this deal along with $11 million is ridiculous, Stephen Drew’s struggles or not.

That’s all the Yankees need is another aging veteran who is long past his prime attached to a huge deal that is weighing down the team and the checkbook. Reyes, between Toronto and Colorado, batted just .274/.310/.378 with seven home runs and 24 stolen bases in 2016 which granted was better than Stephen Drew but not worth the organization’s top prospect. By the way, and yes this is comparing apples to oranges, Mateo slashed .278/.345/.392 last season and stole 82 bases down in A-Ball. Just saying. He’s only 20-years old too and just now beginning to grow into his frame and his body.

Oh and boy did the Yankees dodge a bullet with the domestic violence incident and suspension, huh? Reyes hasn’t even played this season because of his suspension and now finds himself in Triple-A “getting back into game shape.” Yeah that’s code for we’re going to delay this as long as we can. The best move the Yankees made all summer in 2015 was the move they didn’t make, the move where they trade Mateo to the Colorado Rockies for Jose Reyes. What a moron Brian Cashman is. 

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