Thursday, June 2, 2016

Weekly Check In: Aaron Judge

It’s too bad that Aaron Judge can’t play first base because I hear the Yankees may or may not be in the market for one this season. More on that later though. Judge may not be able to play first base, or he hasn’t thus far in his professional career anyway, but he can play the outfield and he can mash the absolute hell out of a baseball so that has to count for something.

As Carlos Beltran presumably makes his final laps around the Yankee Stadium outfield this season Judge has to be chomping at the bits to get the call up and the right field job. Judge has hit much better against Triple-A pitching than he did in 2015 and is merely biding his time until he gets the call as he puts in the work to get that much better.

The fact that Judge is not on the 40 man roster, and doesn’t have to be on the 40 man roster yet, is the only thing keeping Judge from the Major Leagues in my opinion. If Judge had been on the 40 man roster I don’t believe we would have seen Ben Gamel this season. Damn the 40 man roster crunch!



  1. they really need to make the moves to get him on the 40 man and get him up here. We are going to need a veteran outfielder, because hicks is a piece of trash. we cant just throw judge there and expect him to start hitting pro ball after beltran leaves. He should be getting experience now.

    This is another mistake on yankees part. Who's going to come here for a 1 year deal? No one.

    1. Judge plays right field only...even though he has played CF in AAA a few times. Then who do we have to play LF and CF, the guys do need rest once in a while.
      Hicks is a better player than he has shown this year, for sure but, he needs to get something in the hit row very soon.

    2. You are correct Reed. Many thought the Yankees were showcasing Judge in a trade which was why they let him play center field a bit but that obviously never came to fruition. He is not a center fielder. Not in the majors anyway. Hicks can play anywhere though and so can Ellsbury and Gardner making it a moot point thankfully.

  2. It doesn't make any sense to bring up judge now. Yes he has been in triple A for almost a year now, however, he has not hit very much in triple A. He needs more time down there to figure things out, lower his strikeout rate and raise his average. It wouldn't be beneficial to him at all to get at promotion with a .230 average and a 25% strikeout rate in triple A. Considering those stats he has currently, his numbers in the majors would be atrocious and could ruin his confidence. Any promotion would be harmful to judge and the Yankees.

    1. so then for a team so fixated at money coming off the books and waiting for contracts to expire, the only option is 1-giving beltran a QA (im sure he could get a 2 year contract, but would probably reject it to stay here), or sign someone else x3 years.


      Run with Refsnyder? Get hicks at bats by rotating rest from AROD, gardner, ellsbury (like original plan), run with refsnyder as RF (he wont be as bad as beltran), and if it's a close game or what, sub in hicks for defense. Refs wouldnt have made that play yesterday. I think didi/castro would mess that up 9 out of 10 times lol it was pretty.

    2. Matty,

      Welcome to the site. I disagree wholeheartedly. If the team is not going anywhere it makes absolute sense to call up their top prospects and let them get their feet wet now. Let them make the MLB adjustments now. Let them figure it out now while you have nothing to play for in the grand scheme of things rather than next season when Beltran is gone and you're relying heavily on the young kid.

    3. Thank the baseball gods someone around here is still thinking clear.
      Almost everyone around here gets upset when we are losing but they want to cut or trade everyone not hitting .300 with 10 HRs or more.
      Didi and Castro are a bust and a bad trade along with Hicks. Didi is the best SS (he may never hit .300) we have had in years, Castro is more than adequate at 2nd. Hicks is not a part time player. Give them a chance. The team as a whole is sucking dirt! We have replacements in the Farm that could surprise everyone and some won't, but that's life!
      If we are not winning, bring them up as soon as possible.

    4. Reed not to be disrespectful but you're delusional.

    5. I think there have been many in my life that have said the same words almost exactly. Not about baseball but with my job, guess what...I'm still here and the job got done without the loses others said would happen.
      Like I said Hans, look to the 2017-18 years and that will tell the story, if we are still in a free fall by the end of 2018 I'm gone.


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