Thursday, June 2, 2016

Dustin Ackley Gone for 2016, Now What?

The term “screwed the pooch” has been mentioned in our comments section but it’s hard to argue with the truth, the Yankees lack of planning and specifically Brian Cashman’s inability to bring anyone to the club to serve as insurance at first base really screwed the pooch on this one. Dustin Ackley is now gone for the year after tearing his labrum in his shoulder on a dive back to first base on a pickoff attempt leaving the already incredibly thing first base depth the team has even thinner. Now what?

The Yankees short-term plan has been to call up Robert Refsnyder giving them another right-handed bat that can play the infield and the outfield but he cannot play first base. Well, let me rephrase, he has yet to play first base leading me to believe that he is not a long-term option for New York. So who is?

The Yankees made a pair of not-so-notable free agent signings this offseason to serve as minor league depth for Mark Teixeira yet despite Teixeira missing games two separate times with neck injuries neither have made their MLB debut’s this season. One of those men you likely know, Nick Swisher, but the seemingly forgotten first base option has been Chris Parmelee who is playing the position down in Scranton. Parmelee has been forgotten by the fans and has seemingly been forgotten by GM Brian Cashman as well.

Neither are necessarily hitting the cover off the ball by any means but both options had more experience at the position than Dustin Ackley and have more experience than the options the Yankees currently have to throw out there. Chase Headley and Brian McCann have played first base for the Yankees in recent years, albeit limited experience, and Austin Romine is now working out at the position just in case. You can’t really rely on these three options though if Teixeira goes down a third time this season with an injury, can you? I wouldn’t want to.

So what do the Yankees need to do? They need to get realistic about their chances this season. If their chances are low to make a true run into the postseason then they need to basically stand pat and let the chips fall where they may but if they think they have a shot this season, and they shouldn’t, they need to make a trade and need to make a trade sooner rather than later.

Which direction do you think the Yankees should go? Leave it below in the comments section. 


  1. This has become a much bigger problem that I expected. No younger players have been given opportunity, we've been running 35+ year old players constantly, who have been sucking. NOW we are in a position- what if ALL of these players that come in next year dont perform well? Severino, bird, judge, sanchez. Now, this is another year and a half of this shit.

    Rebuilding while remaining competitive and "trading for players other teams have given up on as an attempt to get younger" are no the same.

  2. Daniel...
    They should bring up the guys that have a real shot at contributing next year and many more after that.
    Trade Headley for a bag of balls and move Castro to 3rd base. Bring up Mateo for 2nd base. Castro will end up at 3rd base sooner or later anyhow. Can a trade be made for Brett, IF so do it let Hicks play every day and see if that helps him get it going. I know Mateo is young but we need some speed, if we don't hit HRs we can use the speed.
    Just a bunch of BS anyhow, they won't do anything this year.

    1. Mateo is in Tampa last I checked. Sure he's dominating it but I can't think of anyone who has made the jump from High-A to MLB just like that. Double-A to MLB sure but those were pitchers.

      This sounds like disaster waiting to happen but I've been wrong before.

    2. No are right but, let's see what he has! I know he is a long shot at this time in his days, the only other ones I can think of is Tyler Wade or Abi Avelino! Of course there is Refsy, but they seem unwilling to give him a true shot.

      What say you?

  3. Well if there is a light at the tunnel it's this. Robert Refsnyder has been seen working out at first base. If Teixeira gets hurt now maybe Ref will see a game there before Cashman acquires some washed up veteran to fill the position.

  4. Believe it or not guys, I'm in 100% agreement. Trade everybody possible, and release people you can't trade. Fill them with minor leaguers to gain very valuable experience. We might improve, we might get worse for this season. But realistically, we can't get much worse, and even if we do, we'll just improve our draft pick for next year.

    1. Levin I agree with you 100%. Now you can sleep well tonight knowing I agree lol

    2. and at least there would be a reason to watch! unlike now, the night comes and ive wasted 3 hours of my freaking life on these losers.


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