Thursday, June 23, 2016

Yankee Stadium Off Day Walk Up Music Recommendation

Another day and another off day for the New York Yankees. I’m sure the team isn’t complaining much after playing in 40 games in 41 days but I know the fans can sometimes get a little impatient with two days off in a week. Nothing we can do about that though, that’s fully in the MLB scheduler’s hands, but we can enjoy the day, get that project done we’ve been meaning to get done and recharge the batteries both physically and mentally.

Like we do with every off day we bring to you today the walk up or entrance music for one of the Yankees players or stars and today that star is Aroldis Chapman. After hearing Enter Sandman for so many years at the beginning of every 9th inning in the Bronx we’ve been given a variety of music to enjoy over the years with the latest being “Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine.

Enjoy the song and enjoy the off day. New York welcomes Minnesota to the Bronx tomorrow for a three-game weekend set inside Yankee Stadium. It should be fun. 

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