Thursday, June 23, 2016

Weekly Check In: Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge has once again woken up in Scranton and has been last seen hitting the absolute crap off the ball in his last couple weeks. Ladies and gentleman, Judgement Day is coming to the Bronx and it will be here before you know it.

On a serious note Judge has been hitting much better as of late down in Triple-A and has been hitting for much more power than he’s shown lately which is an encouraging sign for both him and the Yankees. With the impending free agency of Carlos Beltran and the struggles from Aaron Hicks this season the Yankees may need Judge more than anyone ever thought they would have at this point in the season.

With that knowledge it wouldn’t surprise me if the Yankees give Judge the September call up this season. It’s not necessary, he doesn’t need a 40 man roster spot anyway, but it may go a long way much like it has for Derek Jeter in 1995 and so many other prospects before and since.

Judgement Day is coming to the Bronx. 


  1. Thanks for the update on Judge, Daniel! He had been doing nothing much at all, well almost nothing, except striking out. Maybe he will turn into something yet...I think we all hope so anyhow!
    I must admit I was getting a little disappointed in him and thought he would be one of those players with a BA-.215, HRs-25 and nothing in between.

    1. He's been hitting home runs. I believe the other night was his first multi-home run game of his professional career. He seems to go through these lulls and then seems to break out of them quickly so we'll see if he regresses or if he finally figured it all out.

      I do fear his batting average will always be kind of low though.

    2. yooo- so remember how long it felt like that 0-24 slump was? since then, he's batted about .375 with 6 HR over the 60+ at bats since then. sick.

    3. and it's not against all bad pitchers. some have good AAA numbers.

    4. Daryl....
      I think that is what many have been waiting to see. I can live with a guy that hits 35-45 HRs and has a .245/.255 Avg.
      What the hell...Tex, Beltran and A-Rod didn't hit that well, not even close.


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