Monday, July 11, 2016

How Things Are Going For Four Rehabbing Yankees

I was looking through the recent comments here, and I came across a poster that was concerned about some of the injuries to certain young players and prospects. I started to respond with some updates, but decided to simply write a post about it, seeing as how others might want to know and don't go digging through our comments (although you should!).

I can't say there won't be any questions about these players upon their returns, but beyond gut feelings there's no reason to be overly concerned.

Greg Bird

Not long ago the Yankees released information on the recovering Bird, including video of him exercising the shoulder. However, he has yet to start throwing, so Yankees fans shouldn't get their hopes up. The fact is... he's not returning this year.

But Greg looks to be doing well in rehab, and is on track to possibly take over first base next season.

James Kaprielian

You have to keep in mind that Kaprielian has a flexor tendon strain, not an injury to his ulnar collateral ligament. Injury to the UCL is what often leads to Tommy John Surgery, and an unwanted vacation from baseball for 12-18 months.

That doesn't mean James' injury is insignificant, but the fact that he remained in Baseball America's Top 100 Prospect (check my article regarding this list here) list makes me think he'll come out of this okay, and still battle for a rotation spot some time next season.

Sadly, I can't find any recent updates to his condition and rehabilitation. Kaprielian was scheduled to visit another doctor last week, but there has been no news about the visit.

Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge was diagnosed with a mild strain of his Posterior Cruciate Ligament. and is going to miss 3-4 weeks. I don't believe this is the end of the World, or his development and ETA in the Majors (late-season callup, and probable starting spot next season).

Baseball Prospectus has a great article on PCL injury in regards to the PCL strain suffered by current Blue Jays player Darwin Barney in 2011. They go pretty in-depth regarding the injury, but the bottom line is we shouldn't need to worry much.

Bryan Mitchell

While he's not a top prospect, Bryan Mitchell could play a nice role for the Yankees out of the bullpen. And seeing as how he started all 20 games he appeared in between AAA and the Puerto Rico Winter League in 2015, I wouldn't rule him out as a starter down the road, either. Anyway, no injury is a good one, but the broken toe suffered by Mitchell is only concerning to me because of his time lost, not his ability to come back after said injury.

That's not to say a broken toe could not lead to other issues. Coming back from any foot injury could have an adverse effect on a pitcher's balance, which could throw everything off. But I have yet to hear anybody predict doom for Mitchell, either. And in this day and age when predicting doom is apparently the "cool thing to do", that leaves me feeling optimistic.


  1. Bryan thank you....also thanks to Daryl for bringing it up!
    I was in the process of checking all of them out myself Bryan, (Daryl brought it up, good man) and low and behold you done, done it again...beat me to the punch and that isn't a good habit for me to get into.
    The info I ran across is about the same as what you wrote...which makes what is going on much more in line with what some of us are hoping they follow through with. Youth and trade for missing players of quality to fill the spots we can't with our own players.

  2. Good work Van Dusen. I have been meaning to check in on Bird after checking in with Kaprielian and Sanchez (Where the hell is.... posts).


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