Monday, April 28, 2014

Yankees Interested In FA Daniel Carbonell

The New York Yankees are said to be interested in the latest Cuban defector Daniel Carbonell after establishing residency in Mexico and officially becoming a free agent. Carbonell is 6'3" and 23 years old and is now searching for a spot with a major league team. Carbonell put up a .287/.359/.398 in his career in Cuba and has shown an ability to hit for power, to get on base, to run the bases and showcase his speed while on the base paths, and a ton of athleticism.

Carbonell is likely to be the last international free agent of his kind due to Major League Baseball tinkering with the international spending limits and inching towards an amateur draft. Currently if a player has played three years or more professionally and is at least 23 years old the player does not count against the international spending cap. The new rules which will go into effect in July for the 2014-2015 season makes players have five seasons of professional ball under his belt before being ineligible to count against the cap.

The Yankees should go ahead and snatch this guy up, why the hell not right?


  1. Remember a guy by the name of Bernie Williams? He was fast, Skinny, big glasses, athletic, not much power, but a very good eye. He was also a bad judge of the ball and had to use his speed to make-up for it. He was an athlete that became a very good ball player!
    All in all, he turned out ok, did he not?
    Why not take a shot at this guy, he is about the same age as was Bernie when he first came up!


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