Saturday, July 2, 2016

International Free Agent Signing Period Begins Today

Every season the new international signing period for international free agents begins on July 2nd so today marks the beginning of the new period. The Yankees went crazy a couple signing periods ago spending roughly $30 million with just $2 million or so allocated to their budget forcing the team to face penalties for this signing period. For this signing period, and FYI this is the final signing period the Yankees will be under a signing and spending restriction, the Yankees cannot sign an international free agent for more than $300K which severely limits the team’s ability to go out and sign the top talent on the market, which I guess was the point when it was written into the collective bargaining agreement.

The Yankees have made some notable international free agent signings for cheap in the past but there probably won’t be much to get excited about for a couple of years on the IFA market unfortunately. There have been plenty of Cuban defecting and Cuban born players that do not count against the cap due to their age and service time so the Yankees could always go that route as well but it’s hard to bank on that either given the team’s preference to stay away from Cuban players for whatever reason.

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