Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Nathan Eovaldi to the Bullpen, Now There’s an Original Idea

Good morning Yankees family and welcome back. By now we’ve all surely recovered from the shock of going to work yesterday after a long holiday weekend and now we can get caught back up on our Yankees news. Over the weekend, after a horrid month of June and a bad start to the month of July, the Yankees have decided to move Nathan Eovaldi into their bullpen and Chad Green into the starting rotation. Now there’s an original idea and the first time I saw it mentioned, although I am willing to admit it may not be the first place it was mentioned in all of the world and on the web, was here on The Greedy Pinstripes when Donnie Passmore mentioned it.

We did a Twitter Poll about it and then I had my say in the matter, seen HERE and HERE, and overall not many people agreed with the decision. I guess the Yankees were reading and decided if Daniel Burch disagrees and so do the readers and followers of the blog then it must be a good idea. One word comes to mind from my childhood… “Doh!”

Michael Pineda starts tonight for the Yankees meaning Eovaldi should start tomorrow in the opener against the Cleveland Indians but instead Ivan Nova will move up a day and Chad Green will get another crack at it before big CC closes out the unofficial first half for New York. Eovaldi has been skipped and has been delegated to the bullpen, I don’t care if the Yankees simply said they would use him as a reliever because Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller had pitched three of the previous four days entering the debacle on Monday afternoon.

In Eovaldi’s last six outings he has posted a 0-4 record with a 9.20 ERA. That’s demotion worth if I’ve ever seen it. And you heard it here first, although we’ll never get credit for the idea anyway. It was probably Joel Sherman’s original idea.


  1. You all know my feelings about Eovaldi, however why hasn't Rothschild taken any heat on this? You all give Larry props when he was going well, now silence from the peanut gallery. Second I am going to defend Eovaldi here, there is no way that Nova should be pitching over him. Yes I know the high era, however there is more upside to Eovaldi than Nova and what about CC's last three starts? Not so good. Again it points back to Hal and Elf that we needed arms and we didn't go after any. We decided to go on the cheap again and trade a million dollar contract in Wilson who is doing pretty well, heck lets take two steps back and look at the Cervelli trade for Wilson that turned into Green and Cessa. I would still rather have Cervelli or Wilson and yes I know Cazu was always injured. Two loses in that trade by the elf.

    1. I agree with you Hans. Nova has no future with the club, he's a free agent after the season and likely not coming back. Eovaldi is under contract next season and he needs to be fixed, sooner rather than later.

  2. Now there is an origianl idea, good for you and I must agree...too a point. A starter needs three workable pitches, right? Evo has none, as of right now...everything hangs or in the happy zone...whatever!
    So, with him in the BP, he can work on getting back to what he had and maybe find his touch.
    And yes Nova, has only two pitches also, at a time. Green looked good, is that the real Guy or just the first time around?

    1. Green has two starts in the MLB so it's hard to say. His Triple-A stats are impressive though. Is he a late bloomer or has he simply outgrown Triple-A? That I don't know.


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