Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Aaron Judge

The New York Yankees brought Aaron Hicks over this offseason hoping that the switch hitter could not only give days off to both Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner but also provide a spark and a power threat off the bench. The Yankees lived up to their end of the deal giving Hicks farm more playing time than most fourth outfielders receive and the Yankees have given Hicks more than enough chances to snap out of a small sample size drought.

Yes I realize it takes longer for switch hitters to get going because they need to work on things from both sides of the plate but it’s not like he’s playing with the frequency that Ronald Torreyes is. Yet Torreyes continues to hit which leads me to wonder how long the leash is for Hicks and how much longer Aaron Judge must toil away in the minor leagues.

If it is today, which it won’t be because the Yankees are the Yankees, this is what the Judge would bring to the table. The table he would undoubtedly set. 

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