Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Texas Rangers Interested in Ivan Nova?

The trade rumors are swirling in each and every direction right now as we inch closer towards the August 1st trade deadline and in Yankee-Land no one is more centered in those rumors than Ivan nova. If you read respectable publications and website like MLB Trade Rumors and the New York Post you have read that teams like the Baltimore Orioles and the Pittsburgh Pirates may be interested in Nova’s services for the stretch run but there is another team that may be willing to get in on the bidding and that team is the Texas Rangers.

Like the Rangers need any more pitching right? I agree but if they are willing to give up what the Yankees want in a deal for a player with no future on the team past the 2016 season than why not, right? In fact Texas has at least shown some interest in Nova, Carlos Beltran, Andrew Miller and Michael Pineda of the Yankees after showing interest in Aroldis Chapman as well before he was ultimately traded to Chicago. Now while neither Pineda nor Nova have been especially sharp this season they both are upgrades over Lucas Harrell so let’s see if these two teams can make a deal.

The Rangers have a decent farm system and a ton of young talent in the middle infield including Jurrickson Profar. Yes the Yankees need another middle infielder like they need another hole in the head but hear me out. You can trade Profar, Didi Gregorius, Starlin Castro or any of the young shortstops including Jorge Mateo and Gleyber Torres for pieces you need. Having too many top shortstop options is like having too much pitching. It’s just not possible.

If New York is going to lose Nova anyway after this season than it’s better to get something for him now rather than nothing for him later. Would the Yankees get Profar for Nova? No and I want to be 100% clear that I’m not suggesting that but Nova plus Pineda or Nova plus Miller or Nova plus Beltran and we have an entirely different conversation going on. My plan is to tell Texas that if they want Pineda, Beltran or Miller they are going to have to take Nova as well. If not, then you hang up the phone. Bottom line.


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