Thursday, July 7, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Blake Rutherford

Ladies and gentleman Blake Rutherford is officially a member of the New York Yankees. Yes I know he had signed a contract a few weeks ago and we did a Meet a Prospect on him but now he’s truly a Yankee. No it’s not because he made his debut with the GCL Yankees it’s because we, The Greedy Pinstripes, checked in with him on the blog. Awesome, right? With ultimate power comes ultimate responsibility though so we don’t take the keys to being a Yankee lightly I assure you.

In all seriousness though Rutherford did make his GCL debut and professional debut and since half the Yankees prospects are either called up, assigned to another day or injured I figured what the heck. Let’s check in with Rutherford now. Enjoy. 

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