Thursday, July 7, 2016

USA Today’s Weekly MLB Power Rankings

The 2016 season for the New York Yankees has been a bust. Despite what Randy Levine and Hal Steinbrenner are saying on the outside this team is not making a run at the playoffs, not even as a second Wild Card, and they aren’t going past that round even if they do make it to October-ish. Brian Cashman, the team’s General Manager, asked the team to define themselves in a recent interview so the organization could make up their minds whether to sell or to buy and I think struggling against the San Diego Padres and the Chicago White Sox counts as defining themselves, don’t you? If that’s not enough let’s see what these rankings have to say about it.

The Yankees came into the week stuck at the #18 position but by week’s end the team had dropped a position to the #19 position. The Baltimore Orioles sit atop the American League East Division and they sit near the top of the rankings as well with the #6 position while the Boston Red Sox have slid back a bit both in the standings and in the rankings lately as they finished 9th overall. The Toronto Blue Jays are right on the heels of the Red Sox in the division and their #10 ranking in these rankings shows Boston that they are not going to go away quietly while the Tampa Bay Rays are the Tampa Bay Rays again finishing with the 26th ranking overall in Major League Baseball.

The biggest rise of the week went to the Detroit Tigers who shot up the list like a firework four spots to the #11 position while the Miami Marlins got wet before the festivities and failed sliding all the way to the #15 position three slots down from last week. The Top 5 teams according to the rankings are the Chicago Cubs, the Texas Rangers, the San Francisco Giants, the Washington Nationals and the Cleveland Indians. The five worst teams according to the rankings are the Tampa Bay Rays, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the Cincinnati Reds, the Atlanta Braves and the Minnesota Twins.

We’re in July now ladies and gents. These rankings mean something now and they mean the Chicago Cubs are untouchable in the National League, the Rangers may run away with it all when they get Yu Darvish back and healthy and most importantly it means that the Yankees should sell at the August 1st trade deadline. Sell if you know what’s good for you, and FYI Randy Levine does not know what’s good for him or the team either. Sell.

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