Saturday, July 23, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Tyler Austin

The New York Yankees may have found something in Tyler Austin but it was possibly at the worst time for the young first baseman. Austin has been played all over the diamond since being drafted by the Yankees and was called up and given the first base duties basically out of necessity and thankfully for the Yankees Austin caught fire and the team may have found some lightening in a bottle. The bad news for Austin is that Mark Teixeira is attempting, and successfully attempting thus far, a rehab program with his knee, Chris Parmelee is almost back from his hamstring injury and the road to the Major Leagues is just as blocked as ever for Austin.

It’s a shame that in New York the injuries have to pile up and the player has to voice his opinion loudly enough o warrant a two week suspension before the moves that so obviously need to be made get done. We’re still rooting for you Tyler, keep proving them wrong! You beat cancer, you can beat a couple ignorant front office people in the Yankees organization. 



  1. The Yankees keep drafting middle infielders, does that make sense at all? Guys such as Tyler and Mateo have a lot of talent but are held back because of older (not as talented) guys in front of them.
    Parmelee is a better player than Tyler...not so much! Tyler is faster, has some power (now), and can play many positions as well as 1st base.

  2. Yep. Constantly behind the times with promoting players. Sanchez is the one that stands out right now. Romine hasn't played poorly, but he's not part of the solution. Eventually Sanchez will need to gain major league experience, and now it's just that more delayed. And knowing these morons, zero plan.

  3. Sanchez is another Posada, good bat, not so much with the glove. The guy I want to see is Luis Torrens! Luis is only 19 years old has a good bat (not like Sanchez' power) great feel for the game and very good arm.
    I still think if we can't get a good hitting 3rd baseman we should move Castro to 3rd and bring up Mateo for 2nd although there is no rush.
    Right now our infield has to rate very high, higher than I have ever seen it. With Didi at SS it gives me something I look forward to every game I think he is the best we have had including Rizzuto/Jeter...if he can keep going as he has been doing. I am not down playing the former two at all but one had a good glove ok bat, the other with a good bat ok glove...Didi has the range, arm, glove and bat!

    1. McCann will be 50 by the time torrens gets here lol.

      But yea, did is becoming a very good player... Unfortunately, Beltrans numbers are much better than didis (one hundred pt higher ops), and the falloff after those two is pretty bad lol. Relying on 35+ yr Olds to lead (it's been that way for what, a decade lol) isn't sustainable. Unless it's Barry Bonds and his supplies


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