Friday, July 29, 2016

Yankees Potential Trade Partners: The Tampa Bay Rays

How convenient that I wait until this morning to talk about the Yankees potential trade partners, the Tampa Bay Rays. The Yankees and the Rays begin a three-game series tonight in Tampa that ultimately will have to set the tone for the Yankees before the trading deadline. Many thought the Bronx Bombers were dead in the water heading into that big four-game series with Cleveland right before the All-Star break and ever since then all the team has done was win (with a small hiccup against Boston thrown in the middle there). Now many wonder and believe the Yankees should be buyers and not sellers before the August 1st trading deadline and if they are buying I believe Tampa has a few pieces worth buying this weekend.

While I will preface this article with the fact that I find it unlikely that the Tampa Bay Rays would trade within the division nor do I feel like the team will especially help the Yankees in any way let’s ignore that and have a little fun here on our Friday morning. I will say that while it’s unlikely that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The Yankees and the Rays could potentially hook up in a trade but the Yankees will have to VASTLY overpay for their services, something I’m not quite sure I am comfortable doing personally.

The Rays have made both Matt Moore and Chris Archer available via trade and both could help the Yankees both this year if they are serious about making a push towards that second Wild Card spot and beyond the 2016 season as well. Moore is signed through the 2016 season with team options for the 2017-2019 seasons worth $7 million, $9 million and $10 million respectively while Archer is signed through the 2019 season with a pair of team options for 2020 and 2021 worth $9 million and $11 million respectively. The way the market is today you are seeing #4 and #5 pitchers earning that kind of money annually making the Rays pair of potential aces, one present and one working his way back to being one, an absolute steal and bargain going forward.

For those reasons alone Moore and Archer will not come cheap, especially to the Yankees. Attached to Gleyber Torres already? Don’t be, if a deal is made he’s headed to Tampa. Him or Jorge Mateo, one or the other, and plus some other top prospects as well. Now obviously Moore would come cheaper than Archer for obvious reasons, Moore hasn’t been “great” in about four seasons now, but either would be great additions to the Yankees. Just likely and just really, really expensive.

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