Friday, August 12, 2016

Alex Rodriguez’s Final Game Thread: New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays 8/12

With bated breath and a frog in my throat I am here to bring you the final game thread for the career of one Mr. Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez. I’m a fan and I own a blog, I’m not an insider and I’m damn sure not getting paid for this, so I am allowed to bring my emotions, my passion and my fandom into this and I absolutely, 100% will tonight. I grew up watching and idolizing Alex Rodriguez when everyone else was sporting their #2 jerseys and tonight is a bittersweet night for me. In Alex’s final game inside Yankees pinstripes and Yankee Stadium the team will send CC Sabathia to the mound to square off with the Rays starter Chris Archer. The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET inside Yankee Stadium and can be seen on the YES Network, FOX and MLB TV.

To see either of the other two games this series with Tampa or to catch the new-look Yankees going forward this season be sure to click the Yankees Tickets link at the top of the blog where you can secure your seats without paying an arm and a leg in fees and shipping costs. Ticket Monster doesn’t charge either of them. Also be sure to click the TGP T-Shirts link also located at the top of the blog to look the part and showcase your fandom while hanging out with the Bleacher Creatures in the Bronx.

Goodbye Alex, and thank you. Go Yankees and Go A-Rod. Slap about five or six home runs tonight and let Randy Levin sweat over you reaching 700 home runs despite his best efforts to keep you from it. 

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  1. I was always a fan of Cones' until to-night!
    When asked about A-Rod and his chances of the HoF he said something like, maybe, yes, but maybe with an * or something! That is Bull Shit, look at guys like Ortiz, Bonds and Big Mac!
    I wonder how many are in the HoF or about to be in the Hall that cheated with drugs of some kind?
    Hell, as far as I am concerned, all the armor the hitters have should be called cheating it gives the hitter an advantage as did lowering the pitching mound.
    Lowering the mound has caused more TJ injuries.
    696 HRs and the guys in front of him all have admitted or are Known to have used. Even "Hammering" Hank admitted to using pills.
    Good-bye A-Rod, have fun!


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