Wednesday, August 17, 2016

If Miami Wants A-Rod Would They Want Teixeira Also?

One of only a few things could be going on right now when it comes to the whole Miami Marlins and Alex Rodriguez link that was reported on, and ultimately denied by the A-Rod camp since, earlier in the week. Either Miami is looking for a boost in their attendance, merchandise sales and television ratings and will sign anyone and everyone who brings that to them, they are that desperate for production after losing Justin Bour and Giancarlo Stanton or the entire thing is a fa├žade. Let’s pretend that the first option is true regardless and the last option is not true could the Miami Marlins really be that desperate for a first baseman? And if they are do you think they would take on the contract of Mark Teixeira in order to fill that spot?

That’s admittedly not an easy question to answer unfortunately because there are a lot of moving parts in this whole scenario. Mark Teixeira has 10-and-5 rights and a full no trade clause so no deal gets done without his approval and he has never seemingly acted like he wanted to leave New York in the past. Also there is the whole media storm of the Yankees trading away a player just weeks after he announced he would retire at the end of the season, unless of course you spin it and say that he asked for the trade to be closer to family, post-playing career assets, etc. Then there is the whole contract situation and whether Miami could afford to take on the salary unless New York offered to play a chunk or all of it to facilitate the trade.

Gary Sanchez is here and so is Tyler Austin so Teixeira may be willing to waive his NTC if he thinks, or is told… hint hint, that his playing time will be little-to-none for the remainder of the season a la Alex Rodriguez. Also if the Marlins take on all the remaining salary in the deal they can send back a lesser prospect or two in the deal which helps since they have a barren farm system by all accounts and reports. The biggest hang up seems to be simply saving face on any deal. Do the Yankees want to look like the big bad bullies forcing out their “legends” and stars for this youth movement or do they want to continue to let the past and their contracts dictate the playing time and who is on the roster? I’m hoping for the former and not the latter but honestly I just don’t know which way it is going to go.

I’m not saying I want this to happen nor am I saying I think it’s going to happen but what I am saying is it doesn’t hurt to talk to Mark, ask him what he wants and strong arm him if the front office, not myself necessarily, thinks it’s necessary. 

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  1. Think zTex has been talked to. Does not want to leave Yanks.


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