Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Cry For Homegrown Talent May Be Ill Advised: 2009

This look at the New York Yankees roster in a World Series championship year is the year I was most excited about looking at because of the differences between this roster and the dynasty years. This World Series came a long nine years after the last time Mariano Rivera was seen jumping up and down on the mound in Shea Stadium and a lot has changed. The Yankees actually used a ton of homegrown talent in 2009 but how much? Let's see:

The Yankees infield looked a lot different then the last time we looked as Mark Teixeira (Angels) was our new first baseman, Alex Rodriguez was our new third baseman, and Hideki Matsui (Japan) was the teams DH in 2009. The Yankees did have homegrown talent up the middle as Robinson Cano manned second base and Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada grabbed their fifth World Series with the Yankees after coming up to be the shortstop and catcher respectively through the Yankees system. Angel Berroa (Royals) spent time on the Yankees bench with Jerry Hairston Jr. (Orioles) while the Yankees had homegrown talent in Cody Ransom, Ramiro Pena, and Juan Miranda all getting World Series rings in 2009.

The outfield had Nick Swisher (White Sox, Athletics) manning right field while Johnny Damon (Red Sox) was in left field fresh from the Boston Red Sox group of idiots. The Yankees did have a homegrown center fielder that season in Melky Cabrera and another in Brett Gardner waiting in the wings on the bench. Xavier Nady (Pirates), Eric Hinske (Blue Jays), and Freddy Guzman (Padres) spent big parts of the 2009 season in the outfield. The Yankees did introduce us to Shelley Duncan this season as well.

The pitching got a makeover in the winter of 2009 as New York brought in CC Sabathia (Indians, Brewers) and AJ Burnett (Marlins, Blue Jays) to join homegrown talent Andy Pettitte and Joba Chamberlain (the starting pitchah!). The fifth starter this season was more or less patched together and it wasn't always pretty.

The bullpen is where Joe Girardi made his name with the Yankees and made the best of the farm system that Brian Cashman put together. Phil Hughes was in the bullpen this season along with Mariano Rivera, David Robertson, Jose Veras, Edwar Ramirez, Phil Coke, Mike Dunn, Mark Melancon, and Ian Kennedy all pitching out of the pen in 2009. The Yankees did add Damaso Marte (former Yankee farm hand via Pittsburgh), Jonathan Albaladejo (Washington), and Alfredo Aceves (Mexico) to fill out the rest of Girardi's pen.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Maybe the Yankees recipe for success is correct, fill the bullpen with nothing but homegrown power arms and a free agent veteran signing or two. Whatever gets us another World Series I guess....

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  1. Yankees can use every kid they have, as long as they get the job done...all 24.
    I don't think we need a lot of FA to fill in, if a game changer were to be available to us...pick him up, for sure!
    The Kids coming through our Farm system are much better than the ones we use to have. We have 4 or 5 of the top 100 players in the Farm Systems.
    Let's face it, how many very good players have we gotten from our farm in the last 20 years...until now?


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