Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Clint Frazier

Good morning Yankees family and Happy Monday. The weekend's go by far too quickly around here and the work week's just drag and drag and drag. Regardless I'm glad to be here and be able to bring you this content each and every day. You guys read it, retweet it, talk to us about it and comment on it so you must like it and I appreciate it. It's extremely humbling. With that said I planned on this post being more about Clint Frazier and his weekly check in of stats and less about the gushy stuff so let's get to it.

The Yankees top prospect is now in Triple-A and has to be watching Aaron Judge get an opportunity in the Bronx while making the most of it. This can either motivate a guy like Frazier or it can discourage him but looking at the stats and the box scores every night I'd say it's more the former in this case and not the latter.

2016213 TeamsCLE-NYY112489701172715541345115.269.340.448.788


  1. Where do the yanks see him hitting if makes it to the Bronx?

  2. Where do the yanks see him hitting if makes it to the Bronx?

    1. How about 3rd? Right before guys like Judge, Sanchez, McCann and gives him some better pitches to hit, right?

    2. I really like Gary Sanchez hitting third. Frazier relies on his speed as well as his power. I'd like to see him hitting second personally.


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