Thursday, August 18, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Kendall Coleman

You know I got on Facebook this week for the first time in like three weeks, my life and Twitter keep me pretty busy plus I just prefer Twitter over Facebook, and I saw a Yankees prospect posting about heading to Yankee Stadium to hang out with Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and Tyler Austin. Then it hit me, why haven’t we checked in with Kendall Coleman this season?

Kendall is a great guy. I’ve spoken to him and his mother numerous times on Twitter and Kendall was gracious enough to give us an interview after being drafted by the club. We check in with Kendall from time to time, we know the MiLB season is a grind and his personal time is his personal time, but today I wanted everyone to be able to check in with him.

He’s not a prospect that many talk about because he is in the lower levels of the minor leagues but he is a scrappy as hell kind of player that won’t stop until the final out is recorded or the clock says zero. He’s that kind of ball player and an awesome person and those kind of people deserve recognition. Sorry it couldn’t be more Kendall but this is all I got. Thank you for being so kind and open to us over the years and we’ll keep rooting for you all the way to the Bronx!!


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