Thursday, August 18, 2016

Are the Yankees Worth It? The Offense

Have the 2016 version of the New York Yankees been worth it? Boy I don’t tend to ask the easy questions to answer, do I? What’s the fun in that? If I stuck to the script and didn’t say anything you coulnd’t already find on River Ave, Bleeding Yankee Blue or LoHud you probably wouldn’t come here so that’s why I keep pushing the envelope and trying new things. Today’s new thing I’ll try is to try to equate, based on stats like WAR, “Value” and by their current salaries, if the Yankees players have been worth their contracts in 2016. Is this a tell-all post with tell all stats? No, absolutely not. There isn’t a tell-all stat or post but this should at least get you thinking about it and give you a good idea how good some players have been this season and how some players need to step it up a bit.

It’s hard, even with this graph, to really decide whether the Yankees have been worth it this season. After scoring the second most runs in the league in 2015 you would think they would be at or near the top again this season after taking out Stephen Drew, adding Starlin Castro and after giving players like Didi Gregorius another year under his belt but it seems like the stats tell another story entirely.

The offense isn’t the only area of the team under the microscope today so be sure to check back later for the same post just only with the Yankees pitching.

*all stats are stats accumulated with the Yankees only, not a previous or new team. 


  1. Usually, anybody that signs a free agent contract isn't worth the money they sign for. I'm really not understanding why Austin and Refsnyder both have a war of .1. Austin is worth 1.1 million and Refsnyder is worth -.7? Nice to see my boy Gardner is earning his money. (Sorry for the dig Hans!)


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