Thursday, August 18, 2016

Yankees Off Day Walk Up Music Recommendation

The Yankees are off tonight as you may have guessed by all the content here on the blog today and like we do on every off day here on the blog we like to bring you a little something different. While some bloggers, not naming any names whatsoever, enjoy the night off I just can’t do that for whatever reason and I have to keep the content flowing. Today I bring you a music recommendation from Yankee Stadium, the walk up music for Aaron Hicks.

I have been harder on Hicks than probably anyone has this season and I am willing to eat a little crow and sit here with egg on my face if and when he can turn things around and prove me wrong. He has come a long way in doing that since the Carlos Beltran trade but I am a firm believer in large sample sizes and FYI, three weeks is not a large sample size.

So here is Hicks walk up music. Get used to it because no matter what the stat line says Joe Girardi is going to play him every single day until the end of the season. The name of the song is “Fire” and the artist is the Ohio Players. Enjoy. 

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