Saturday, August 6, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Tyler Austin

If you read the blog yesterday you know that I now condone eating this, and not that, and when I say “this” I mean Yankees prospects. The first Yankees prospect that should come up and continue the youth movement and the rebuild is the showcase of today’s weekly check in post, Tyler Austin.

Austin has done more than enough to earn a shot at the Major Leagues after starting the season out in Double-A. Who could blame the Yankees for starting Austin down in Trenton after numerous injuries and a couple down seasons full on struggle but Austin was called up to Triple-A to play first base and he has absolutely made the best of the situation crushing the baseball and playing a good first base all while putting his name back on the radar and the prospects map.

Wouldn’t it make sense to not only reward your prospects for earning their chance at the Majors with a call up but to also try a young guy in the midst of a rebuild instead of an aging veteran who has shown to have little to nothing left in the tank offensively? Maybe it’s just me. 



  1. But how would you get him here? Id suggest car!

    Hicks isn't going anywhere, unfortunately. Nor is arod or teix. That leaves... Torreyes?

    Obviously that's not what I think, but what I see them doing. Still should have moved McCann and Tanaka. Ok I'll stop being greedy.

    The flexibility on the 25 man is absolute shit.

    1. I know his mother, we would carpool and drive him there ourselves if we could LOL.

  2. Austin is one of those good stories of the farm system. He has been written off time and again but finally put it all together. He worked for the chance to play with those he is out playing right now.


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