Friday, September 23, 2016

Checking Back on My Bold Predictions for 2016

Bold predictions are generally harder to predict than about anything in Major League Baseball, especially almost nine months in advance, but I took a shot nonetheless back in January and here are my results for better or worse.

--Robinson Cano who? That's going to be something I feel like I'm going to be saying a lot this season. "Robinson Cano who" will be this season's "Stephen Drew sucks." Why? Starlin Castro and his .280 batting average and his 22 home runs in the second hole of the Yankees batting order.

I was actually pretty good with this prediction. The batting average was slightly high and so was the prediction that he would hit second all season long but I think I did pretty well on this one.

--Speaking of second base I can see Chase Headley missing some time this season, he played in almost all 162 games last season, and will have at least one trip to the disabled list. That will allow Robert Refsnyder to force the issue from the bench, he'll still spend less than a month on the MLB roster though.

Refsnyder had to force the issue once again from the bench and only got a chance due to injury, that was correct, but Headley has surprisingly held up well thus far this season. He has missed days banged up and has recently been out after his back locked up on him but other than that he has been great down at third base. I guess I can’t complain about that.

--Speaking of spending time on the MLB roster Refsnyder will spend about as much time on the roster as Greg Bird thanks to Mark Teixeira getting into 140+ games and having a hell of a contract season. 30 more home runs at least for Teixeira and he will finally drive in those 100 RBI.

Refsnyder spent more time on the MLB roster than Greg Bird did unfortunately but this prediction was made prior to the shoulder injury. Oh and Mark Teixeira playing in 140 games, LOL. Those stat predictions, LOL. When I say BOLD I mean BOLD!

--Alex Rodriguez will not be able to replicate his huge 2015 campaign, although he will stay healthy once again and hit over 20 home runs once again. The decline will be obvious but he will be kept out of the lineup more often with Gary Sanchez on the roster.

Hey now, I got this one right. A Rod did decline and he was kept off the roster due to Baby Bombers like Gary Sanchez. He just didn’t reach 20 home runs. I’ll still take this one as a win though.

--Quite possibly the biggest bold prediction will be one that has to do with the Yankees starting rotation. The health specifically of the starting rotation. None of Masahiro Tanaka, Nathan Eovaldi, Michael Pineda or Luis Severino will head to the disabled list this season. Yeah, I said BOLD predictions.

Eovaldi had two surgeries including Tommy John surgery and Severino went on the shelf earlier in the season. Two out of four ain’t bad.

--The final prediction is quite bold given the state of the division. The Yankees will make the playoffs once again as a Wild Card team.

To be continued…..

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