Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Potential Arms for "Johnny Wholestaff" Today

The New York Yankees were faced with a decision this week after learning of Chad Green's elbow injury. The team had to decide whether they wanted to move Luis Severino out of the bullpen and into the rotation again, whether they wanted to rush Bryan Mitchell back to the Major Leagues or whether they wanted to take advantage of September call ups and expanded roster to have what they call a "Johnny Wholestaff" day, aka a bullpen day. The Yankees went with the latter, although technically Mitchell will be the first one out of the gates, so here are just a few of the arms the Yankees could throw out today and how they could use them.

Luis Severino was needed on Monday, he was originally going to make the start on Wednesday, so while he is still stretched out he is likely only available for two or three innings today. If that.

Bryan Mitchell will start the game but I'm not exactly sure how many innings he will throw. Five? Six? Maybe less. Who knows.

James Pazos got a September call up along with Mitchell yesterday and he could be available for multiple innings as well.

Chasen Shreve pitched Monday but could be available for multiple innings today if necessary.

If necessary, with the whole "most important game of the season" stuff being thrown around, you can count Dellin Betances in for two innings, Tyler Clippard for one and Adam Warren for at least one if necessary. The team needs victories and everyone is tired now. You have to keep pushing though if you want in the postseason.

Kirby Yates, Blake Parker, Tommy Layne, Ben Heller, Jonathan Holder and Nick Goody are all good for an inning if necessary and haven't been used all that much lately. Maybe two innings for all but Holder? Who knows.

This could be a long night for the Yankees but thank goodness this happened now and not before the rosters expanded in September. For someone who has been against roster expansion in September I'm sure Joe Girardi isn't bagging on it too hard tonight. Just a thought.


  1. Daniel, Daniel. You state that Betances will be available for 2 innings tonight. Their is a 0% chance Betances will see the mound before Friday. He pitched 3 Straight games and threw 40 pitches last night.

    1. ya I agree. i don't think I would even want to see Dellin out there without some rest.

      id love to see heller or holder get someone out though lol

    2. To be fair this was written when he had thrown just 10 and 10 pitches respectively in his last two starts and before the 40 last night. But I forgot to edit it and I own that. Can't be everywhere all the time.

    3. that's what I figured. I'll let it slide this time!! Lol

    4. Actually, I figured you meant severino, which I agreed with also lol


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