Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Weekend Isn't Over!!!! Open Thread

It's Sunday but hey, the weekend isn't over yet!!! Tomorrow is Labor Day and for all you hard working individuals out there it's a day for you. I can only speak for myself but I work my ass off, truth be told I probably work too hard for what I get paid, and this day is a God send to me. I need it. The laziness starts now as I leave you with an open thread for the evening like I do every Sunday night. Enjoy and talk about whatever. Just please keep it respectful. Please!

Also I embed a video of Tim Tebow's workout for 28 MLB teams including the New York Yankees. Will the Bronx Bombers sign him? Who knows, stay tuned and watch the video. Let me know what you think. I wasn't overly impressed. I can probably hit a batting practice fastball out of the park and Tebow's arm was just "meh" to me. The guys is a role model and inspiration and an absolute athlete though so I'm not counting him out, just saying I wasn't impressed with this particular video.

Enjoy and we'll be back tomorrow.

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