Friday, September 16, 2016

Who Should We Blame Last Night's Collapse On?

Last night, the New York Yankees suffered a loss that left a bad taste in fans mouths that tasted like bleach and cow manure. First, before we dig into the stats and look who really is in the blame for this loss, let's look at how in the world the Red Sox wound up winning this game....

The Yankees had a 5-2 lead heading into the bottom of the ninth inning, almost everybody believed that they had it in the bag, oh little did we all know. Girardi would send Tommy Layne out there to begin the inning and once Chris Young came up to bat (who mashes lefties) , he went to the bullpen and got Blake Parker who looked like he was going to finish the game. Due to the arrival of Layne and Parker, many believed that Betances was unavailable due to how exhausted he is.

Once Parker enters the game he hit Young on the tip of his helmet with a pitch that he leaned into and only hit him by an inch. Then Girardi decides that it would be a swell idea to go to Dellin Betances, who has desperately been in need of some rest due to the maximum overusage. We all know what happens after this, I do not even have to explain it. To put it simply, the Yankees blew the game.

Betances obviously could not locate any of his pitches and after the Pedroia at bat where it was obvious he was not going to swing at any pitches, Girardi should have pulled the plug on Betances right there and bring in someone else, you can't use a guy who relies on control like Betances every single night.

That is why, many people believe the blame for last nights game should be on Dellin Betances but I disagree. I believe Joe Girardi should take the blame 100% for the putrid event that happened last night. Girardi knew that Betances was exhausted which is why he didn't go to him to begin the inning, because he knew that he needed rest. But no, he just thought that it would be a great idea to go to the deadest arm in the bullpen and I wouldn't be shocked at all if Dellin Betances needs tommy john surgery in a few years thanks to how Girardi uses him.

You can't expect a guy like Betances who is a large man and relies on the control for his curveball to pitch EVERY NIGHT despite if he's tired or not. It was a really bad move by Joe. So far in the month of September, Betances has pitched 3 straight days TWICE. It has only been two weeks and Betances has already had to pitch three straight days twice, think about that for a moment.

It also does not help that the Yankees left TWELVE runners on base but that's a different story....

Therefore, The blame for last night's absolute collapse should 98% be on the hands of Girardi, 1% on the offense, and 1% on Betances.

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  1. three ways to look at it. 1. betances pitched like shit. he didn't get the job done. 2. I agree, girardi sticks with people when they clearly don't have it. 3. the disaster of a rotation outside of tanaka, people these fucking morons can't manage to throw more than 4 innings. what? cessa pitched 3 innings, Mitchell pitched 2.1 (ok, they are young), pineda and CC pulled after 3? give me a break.

    1. and Patrick, that wasn't a "give me a break" at you, it was just a frustrated daryl. sorry! lol.

    2. The way Girardi uses the bullpen boggles my mind, ever since the rosters expanded he only has Pineda, Mitchell, and the rest of them only pitch 3-4 innings then he decides to gas the arms in the bullpen instead.

    3. Yeah, what Daryl said.

      Pulling his "best" pitchers with 80 something pitches just to get to the bullpen that is so clearly depleted. It's beyond frustrating.

  2. Agree! Girardi 98-99% to blame. Tanaka pitch count was low enough & he looked in good shape to at least try to see if he could go deeper into the game. When he left the mound he still looked good & had his stuff. But Girardi just could not bring himself to at least try Tanaka next inning. Instead he went to bullpen -even knowing Betances would not be there for him in any good way to close. We all know Betances exhausted! He'll not have his stuff-and what we all know was proven when he was wrongly used & struggled badly. Joe pretty much lost us the game. Made us sick. Tanaka start our best chance to win a game. And management blew it! As diehard Yankees fans we witnessed the train wreck. Gotta manage smarter! No /little hope for rest of series ...maybe season.

    1. I agree. He could have at least started the inning. It's not like Betances, a former "fireman" in the bullpen, isn't used to coming in with runners on anyway.


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