Friday, September 16, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Jorge Mateo

The High-A Tampa Yankees season ended a bit prematurely this week meaning two of the Yankees top three prospects now have a long wait before they see baseball again. Gleyber Torres was on that team and is going to the Arizona Fall League here in a couple of months while Jorge Mateo, today’s weekly check in showcase, will presumably head to a winter league somewhere if the Yankees allow him to. The problem with the winter league though is the fact that it’s fall. Maybe I’m just too much like Lou Gehrig who used to sit and look out the window in the winter depressed until summer came back around and baseball returned.

All-in-all Mateo had a good season in 2016, it wasn’t like his 2015 season by any means but a solid season nonetheless, and the Yankees young shortstop will look to build upon this in 2017. Mateo gained a lot of experience and knowledge this season both on and off the field that cannot be expressed in a number or a gesture. You just have to watch as the rest of his career plays out to see the dividends.

Here is the official stat line for the 2016 season for Mr. Jorge Mateo. See you in 2017. 


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