Monday, September 19, 2016

Would Justin Morneau Be in Play for 2017?

The New York Yankees are set to lose their starting first baseman since the 2009 season, Mark Teixeira, after the season due to retirement but thankfully for New York they have a Plan B. New York has seen rookie Greg Bird progress as a professional player and has seen him progress from his shoulder surgery enough to where he is heading to the Arizona Fall League to test his shoulder out. Do the Yankees have a Plan C though and is that Plan C Tyler Austin or would the team rather have him in the outfield? Those are hard questions to answer right now but the team may be able to make those questions easier to answer in 2017 if they signed a veteran on a minor league deal that can compete for a job next season. That veteran could be Justin Morneau.

We're only talking on a minor league deal here. He's 35-years old and will be 36-years old next year, he's been injured this season including his elbow surgery that delayed the start of his season and what he is calling "old man neck" that is currently keeping him out of the Chicago lineup, his production is down across the board and the Yankees are seemingly already "set" at the position. These reasons and more are reasons on the Yankees side that they would only consider a minor league deal with the former Minnesota Twins player and 2006 AL MVP but that's only if Morneau himself decided to keep going.

Maybe he is just slow to recover from the elbow surgery and that is to blame for him slow start this season? Maybe, but he isn't drawing walks either and his defense at first base has been borderline atrocious. Would Morneau sign a minor league deal? That's anyone's guess. He has said he would be willing to play in 2017 but he would only play for a contender. Have the Yankees done enough to put themselves into the "contender" category?

A whole lot of questions and not a lot of answers. If Morneau is willing to prove himself in Triple-A with the knowledge that he would be the first one on the Scranton Shuttle if an injury happened then sign him up now. If not, pass. It's as simple as that.



    With all due respect, red clay man, who needs him ?
    He only clogs up whatever youth influx they plan for next year.
    Maybe 6-7 years ago........I say pass.

    Hope all is well with you & your family.
    Do all your posters leave when I post ? Seems like it.

  2. On a Minor League deal? Sure. What's the harm in those? But Morneau should absolutely take a backseat to Bird, Austin, Refsnyder, and a number of other "kids" that could fill that spot.

    1. That's the problem though Bryan. He would be given the spot because the kids have options. Cashman would defend the move saying it was for "depth" reasons.

    2. I'm only agreeing with a MINOR league deal, meaning he'd only get to the Majors if he played well or there was a rash of injuries. I'm not saying he should get a roster spot with the big club before them.

      Now, yes, I can see Justin staying up after being promoted so as not to lose him. And I agree that could be a problem.

      Perhaps the best plan is to not sign him at all. *shrugs*


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