Monday, September 19, 2016

The Final Off Day Open Thread of 2016

Here we go, the last off day of the regular season before that long stretch of time where it's colder than I'd like it to be, darker earlier than I'd like it to be and that long stretch of time where baseball takes a back-burner to sports like the NFL and the NBA. The offseason sucks without the Yankees being in the postseason but that just may be a reality in 2016 unfortunately. Many aren't surprised, or will say they aren't anyway, but truth be told I predicted the Yankees winning the 2nd Wild Card this season. Insert egg on face.

But we will worry about that when the math says the Yankees are eliminated from postseason play, tonight we rest. With that said I leave you with this open thread for the evening, the last Yankees off day open thread of the 2016 season. Have a great evening.

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