Friday, October 14, 2016

ALCS: Recapping the Head-to-Head Matchups from 2016

The ALCS has officially been set as the Cleveland Indians will play host to the Toronto Blue Jays with just seven games potentially separating them from a trip to the World Series. Who will take home the American League Pennant and have home-field advantage in the World Series thanks to the All-Star Game victory earlier this summer? That’s hard to say right now but while we wait let’s look at what these two teams have done against each other head-to-head this season. Maybe it gives us a hint of what’s to come, or maybe not. They do call it the “second season” for a reason you know.


Rk Date Tm Opp W/L R RA Win Loss Save
Rk Date Tm Opp W/L R RA Win Loss Save
81 Thursday, Jun 30 TOR CLE L 1 4 Carrasco Dickey Allen
82 Friday, Jul 1 TOR CLE L 1 2 Bauer Barney
83 Saturday, Jul 2 TOR CLE W 9 6 Grilli Otero Osuna
84 Sunday, Jul 3 TOR CLE W 17 1 Happ Kluber
122 Friday, Aug 19 TOR @ CLE L-wo 2 3 Manship Osuna
123 Saturday, Aug 20 TOR @ CLE W 6 5 Biagini Tomlin Osuna
124 Sunday, Aug 21 TOR @ CLE L 2 3 Clevinger Cecil Allen
All stats courtesy of Baseball Reference. 

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