Monday, October 31, 2016

Top Halloween Costumes from 2016 and the New York Yankees

A quick Google search of the "Top Halloween Costumes from 2016" brings you to a website called Pop Sugar. I have a feeling if I searched multiple options I'd find a similar list and this was the first one on the list so I went with that site in search of the top Halloween costumes in hopes of having a little fun and seeing what Yankees player would wear that costume tonight when you answer your door to hand out some Halloween candy. Here is the list, who I think will wear that costume and of course why. 

Let's have a little fun with this. I have put the costume, the Yankee I think matches it and the writeup from PopSugar below. See the original post here and have some fun with it. 

Pokemon GO Trainer: Brett Gardner

Major moments: This is the year that Pokémon Go took over the world, and as the most popular mobile game in US history, nearly 10 million Americans have tried to catch 'em all. While on the ground at Comic-Con International, POPSUGAR editors spotted numerous Pokémon-inspired cosplays and quickly called out Pokémon as a top costume trend for 2016. But here's the real question: which Pokémon Go team will have the most representation? (We've got our bets on the highly popular Team Mystic!)

Brett Gardner gets the nod because he doesn't have to catch them all, he just does.

Harley Quinn: Dellin Betances

Major moments: Eccentric Suicide Squad front runner Harley Quinn was the most talked-about part of the film, which was one of the most profitable movies of the Summer. After raking in $300 million at the box office, Suicide Squad became a bona fide part of 2016's pop culture; specifically, Harley Quinn's daring look and quirky attitude made her appealing to a broad group of women. We saw countless cosplayers emulate Harley’s look at Comic-Con International and other cosplay events, which usually indicates Halloween costume trends months in advance, and makeup tutorials inspired by the character are all over YouTube. We're anticipating Harley-ween being a popular movement come Oct. 31.

So who is a bad ass that will destroy everything put in front of him but so childish and attractive while he or she is doing it? Sounds like Dellin to me.

Bill Clinton and his balloons: Didi Gregorius

Major moments: Former President Bill Clinton became a kid again when celebratory balloons dropped at the DNC this year, and it was the lightheartedness the internet needed during this contentious election. Our editors who were in Philadelphia for the convention noted Clinton's hilarious reaction to the balloons, and Twitter couldn't stop buzzing about it afterward. The former president and his balloons became an instant meme, and they'll make a simple and hilarious Halloween couples costume this year.

Didi Gregorius just has fun out there every single day. Period.

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