Wednesday, November 9, 2016

2017 Qualifying Offer Predictions

Ten players received qualifying offers as the offseason before the 2017 MLB season began and like I do every year I want to take a stab at predicting who will accept and who will decline their offers. Now as you probably already know the qualifying offer is basically a one-year deal offer sheet worth $17.2 million that the player can either accept and return to his old team or decline in order to test free agency. If the player declines and signs with another team that team will lose their highest round draft pick (unless it’s a Top 10 protected pick) and the players former team will receive a sandwich pick as compensation in between the first and second rounds of the 2017 MLB Draft. Now you know so let’s get to the predictions.

Jose Bautista
Edwin Encarnacion
Yoenis Cespedes
Neil Walker
Dexter Fowler
Kenley Jansen
Justin Turner
Mark Trumbo
Ian Desmond
Jeremy Hellickson

Honestly, and I may even admittedly be reaching here, the only player I can see accepting a qualifying offer is Jeremy Hellickson. Hellickson has come into his own as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies and while he may use that to cash in on the free agency market I just have a gut feeling that he may accept. I thought the same with players like Matt Wieters and Brett Anderson last year and I get the same gut feeling with Hellickson. It wouldn’t surprise me to see none of these players accept it but it would surprise me if anyone besides Hellickson did.

Players have until November 14th to accept or decline their qualifying offers. 

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