Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What About Mark Trumbo?

The New York Yankees want some pop added to the lineup while remaining youthful and versatile so why not add Mark Trumbo to the fold for 2017? Well like any other free agent there are some positives to adding him to the team while there are also some negatives so let’s explore both and you can decide whether the Yankees should make a run at the home run king from 2017.

The pros of signing Trumbo are obvious. The 2016 home run king is just 30-years old and coming off a season where he hit 47 home runs in a hitter friendly ballpark in Baltimore. Trumbo drove in over 100 RBI as he played 95 games in right field while the rest of his at bats came via the DH position, a positon that was recently vacated by the Brian McCann trade to the Houston Astros. Trumbo could slide in and out of right field if Aaron Judge were to struggle and he could also mentor the Yankees slugging prospect as Trumbo knows all about making adjustments and finding a way to win, see his years with the Arizona Diamondbacks as an indicator of this.

For every pro there is a con though and the biggest con is the fact that the Baltimore Orioles attached a qualifying offer and a draft pick compensation to any team outside the top 10 that signs him, including the New York Yankees. Trumbo’s home run numbers from 2016 are also inflated from hitting in Oriole Park and Camden Yards but he won’t be mentioning that when he goes to the negotiating table for his big money multi-year contract that the Yankees may or may not be comfortable handing out. Trumbo’s batting average (.256 in 2016) and defense in the field leave much to be desired as well but 40 home run power is almost non-existent at this point in the game.

So you have the pros and you have the cons. Do you sign Trumbo if you’re Brian Cashman? Leave your thoughts below in the comments section.


  1. I get he's one of the better bats this offseason, but don't think it's a good idea. We already have gardner ells, judge, hicks, and mason Williams, Williams who id like to see more of. Yes, it is an upgrade, but not for 100-120 million dollar contract. We don't need an outfielder.

    However, a much more friendly contract fitting our need- Napoli. His numbers are similar to Mccanns, bats from the left side, and will hit more HRs. Backup 1st basemen/DH, to be rotated with tyler Austin and bird. prob 2 years, 8 mil each would be enough.

    adding Trumbo would need a spot on the field. Trumbo is not leading us to a championship. so pass.

    1. DARYL leads the way again.

      His anti-Trumbo points are on the mark.

      I'll add that when Trumbo plays the field, he is not good at all.
      A quality DH will surface, but not Mr.Trumbo...please.

      I'll pass also.


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