Friday, November 18, 2016

Yankees Open to Dealing Gardner, Headley

Here’s a quick hit to end your day and a bit of a hot stove rumor that could be percolating. The New York Yankees are reportedly open to trade either one or both of outfielder Brett Gardner and third baseman Chase Headley. It seems as though the Yankees are at least comfortable with the idea of continuing their youth movement and cost cutting measures, at least temporarily, into this winter while continuing to build a strong farm system.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports was the first to report that the Yankees would be willing to trade these two veteran players over at Both players are over that 30-year old plateau and both have two years remaining on their current deals which may motivate the Yankees to move them now rather than later. New York has been open about their plans to try and get under the luxury tax threshold after the 2017 season and moving the contracts of Headley and Gardner can only accelerate that plan.

Neither deal has a no-trade clause written into it so moving them will not be the issue, finding a taker who is willing to pay Brian Cashman’s kinds ransom will be though in my opinion. Stay tuned ladies and gents. Stay tuned.


  1. A RETURN ON THE DOLLAR.....What can you get straight up, for
    Gardner, and or Headley ?....Not much.

    Big contracts for players over 30 ?....Not much.

    Here is how you can max your return on these B+ players.

    Their value is to offset a big contract coming back. Like for
    a seasoned older player. Hopefully a pitcher.
    Combined, they must make $30 million, over the next two years.

    Remember what you get back, and take on, will be high ticket.

    The plus side ? Once they are moved, you can slide in the
    celebrated young Yankee talent.
    Just my thoughts.

    1. Ask yourself, too, what would this player get if he were a free agent?

      Last year Denard Span got a 3 year contract, with a mutual option for a 4th year, and had a similar season to Gardner. So if Gardner were a free agent, would he too get 3 years? So, in that sense, getting him for just two years would be nice.

      Plus, it depends on what the other team needs. The Yankees already have a player like Gardner, while another team may need/want a guy that can play good centerfield, lead-off, and steal 20+ bases a year.

      So it doesn't necessarily have to be an even-money deal, as you suggest. This isn't a bad contract for bad contract sort of thing. Is that type of deal possible? Sure. Nor are we going to get a "Gleyber Torres" out of it.

      Personally, I think Gardner is redundant, and is on a movable contract... unlike Ellsbury.

    2. Gardner needs to go NOW. His game doesn't translate into the player he is. Fast who doesn't steal bases I believe 16, can't bunt and isca career .261 or so hitter.

    3. I agree with you Bryan. There are teams out there that need speedy outfielders who can defend more than the Yankees do. Those teams can live with his lack of stolen bases and such, or think they can fix it.

      I doubt the Yankees get a MLB player back for Gardner. They didn't for Beltran, they didn't for Miller, they didn't for Chapman and they didn't for McCann. They want prospects, all the prospects.

      And the salary relief.

  2. Trade both Gardner and Heatley. Then you get some prospect's and trade them for TROUT and FRAZIER . We have the prospects to get this deal done.

    1. Peter Martinez & Ken Reed....please explain.

      You both are of the mind set to obtain Trout. BUT neither of
      you explains how this is accomplished.

      The latest line of " trade Gardner & Headley...get some prospects,....and trade them for Trout...etc"....
      ...Are you nuts ?

      There will be no prospects left. None.
      So how do you guys pull this off ?

    2. The Yankees have enough prospects as it is to acquire Trout right now. There might not be much left but everyone wants Gleyber Torres, everyone wants Clint Frazier. A lot of people want James Kaprielian, Domingo Acevedo, Chance Adams and a slew of others I could name.

      It might gut four of the Yankees top ten prospects but if they wanted to they could have Trout today. Assuming he was available of course. Problem is that they wont.

      If LAA shows you something it takes more than one or two players to win in Major League Baseball.

    3. Thank you Daniel, true as to what they would ask for but, they would only get one of them at the most, along with some other players. I wouldn't want to trade "Ace" nor Chance.
      Of course, everything is open to wheeling and dealing but, remember what we have said many times..."Big time players need good players around them for the TEAM to WIN". The last 6 years we have had one very good player and nothing to show for it.

      So, your line..."If LAA shows you something it takes more than one or two players to win in Major League Baseball". Hits the nail on the head, so to speak...TEAM is the word of the year.

  3. Agree with all the above. Gardner & Headley are redundant. And Cashman would not demand a "king's ransom" for either.

    1. Anyone have any suggestions for Headley's replacement?

      It's "easy" to replace Gardner but the best young guy the Yankees have at third base is Miguel Andujar.

    2. I'm not a gambler, nor am I an idiot. Well, perhaps.....?

      If you Gardner & Headley...for salary sake. Do it tonight.

      Open two births for young players. Or find a less expensive
      third baseman. After all, we are not talking about Nettles !

      Forget Trout. He will never ever be available ! And if he was...
      ...all those that post here, would jump off the Brooklyn bridge, for what it would cost to get him.

      This is not complicated. The Yankees are in the best position
      they have been in many years. A great stride can be made this off season.

    3. I don't know Headley's replacement, this what I said in my latest post. But the Yankees apparently do, hence his name being discussed.

    4. Headley's replacement was his predecessor who is in Miami. Never should've traded the guy in the first place and you would've saved money by not making the trade

    5. HANSEL.....Prado had to be traded. Revolver Eovaldi was
      primed for the move north, and did not disappoint.

      The Yankees will resign him to a fair contract for both sides.

      I like both Gardner & Headley. But, if I had to retain one
      for lack of a better would be Headley.

    6. White Sox are selling.... Todd Frazier anyone?

  4. LIKE THE LINE....that Daryl would throw his television out the
    window, after watching Hicks for the first four games next season.
    Sounded like my word crafting....funny!

    Michael Pineda's name seems to be bubbling up all over
    the trade rumor mills.

    Pitching is scarce, I can see the interest there.
    I think we have seen... all that we will get from Big Mike.

    Throw the net out, and see what is offered.

    Pineda will be flamed out when this Yankee team moves forward.

    1. I agree with this. If the team doesn't plan on competing this year anyway then you might as well get a lot for him now rather than lose him for less in July (since the team who gets him cant offer him a qualifying offer) or nothing for him next winter.

  5. Patrick I agree with you on Headley if one has to stay. We have a few of the Gardner type players on the farm already. I honestly have had my fill of Gardner and its time to vacate the building. I still think the Prado move was wrong and forced us into alternate moves like Headley and Castro


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