Friday, December 2, 2016

Matt Holliday to the Yankees?

I have to admit that ever since the very beginning of free agency I have been against the idea but I feel like it would be irresponsible of me to not at least make the case for and against Matt Holliday in pinstripes. Holliday wanted to be a Yankee, he was very vocal about it, before signing with the St. Louis Cardinals and now that the 37-year old (in January) is a free agent once again the rumors that he could be Bronx bound are gaining traction once again. Let’s explore.

The New York Yankees have at least been rumored to be interested in the likes of Carlos Beltran and Edwin Encarnacion but you would have to think, especially considering the Yankees newfound sense of austerity, that Holliday would come far cheaper than either of those two DH candidates. Holliday, unlike Beltran, could spell Greg Bird against left-handed pitchers as well and play some first base while also getting some at bats as an outfielder as well. Holliday has played a whopping 1,698 games in left field but his defensive days, and definitely his better defensive days, may already be behind him.

I know I’ve preached for much of this young offseason that I wanted a player to DH that could also be counted on in the outfield and at first base, and Matt Holliday checks all those boxes, but I have also preached seeing the youth movement through until the end. Signing a 37-year old Matt Holliday does not do that, even if he does have a little bit left in the tank. I wouldn’t jump up and down and threaten to boycott the team if Holliday is signed but if you’re asking me if I personally want him, well that answer has to be no. 


  1. MLB Winter Meetings 2016.

    Being held at National Harbor, just south of Washington DC, Dec. 4-8.
    To me, the most exciting week of the year.

    A very simplified look, on my part, as to what the squad has, and what they need in order to to contend in 2017....While hopefully moving forward.
    Bench : They have more than enough right now. Maybe the DH they are searching for, can add support at first base.

    Bullpen : If Chapman, who is the real target, is added...they will
    be in real great shape. A true team strength.

    Offense / DH : The offense, with addition by subtraction, can be
    a very pleasant surprise.
    While the DH...any of the names being tossed around, will be a plus.
    I like Holiday, but that's just me.

    Staring pitching....The 'Achilles Heal' of next season.
    A real concern. The true red flag.....You already know this !

    After Tanaka, it is all a repeat of the past three seasons ! Enough !

    Of the young arms currently ready for service, more than one must step forward.
    Not one of the pitching free agents should excite anyone. Avoid all
    of them at all costs.

    This will be a trade acquisition. The only route they have to use.
    From Oakland's Day, to Detroit's Verlander, there must be one top flight
    starter obtainable. Again, Top Flight.

    This is my special week. Hope it is yours also.

  2. Well, patrick...
    We do have a few pitchers that are or could be as good as what is out there to be had. We have Montgomery, Enns, Green, Warren and one or two others.
    For the Bull Pen we need Chapman! We have Plenty of arms for the BP including Dillin and Pineda.

    1. Here's to fingers crossed TGP gang, that severino grows a pair and is putting in the work as we speak. Plenty of the top pitchers have started decent, had a bad year, then came back dominant. Granted, no one I have seen drop as bad as sevs, but that's okay.

      Reed, any chance one of your flame throwers can crack the bullpen this season? That would be fantastic!

      And let's hope cessa can continue to build. FYI, way back when, 2015? Mets traded fulmer and cessa to Detroit for cespedes, worked out extremely well for both teams. Unfortunately, I can't recall when the Yankees have been able to say that. Maybe 2017 is the year, Clint my man.

      Can you guys take a moment and think how refreshing it will be to see another 21-22 year old on the field? That's not Phil Hughes, oh for the love of dear you remember? Lol. "he pitched well, just gave up too many homeruns!"

  3. Well, Christmas came early for Patrick! 1 year x 13mil.a down grade compared to either McCann or Beltran, but whatever. Didn't want to see a 100 mil to EE

    1. DARYL....The Matt Holiday move is a terrific signing.

      Like you said...not tied into large money, long term. Smart.
      Holiday is a pure hitter, with tremendous power to right field.
      A good guy, a club house leader, and he wanted to be a Yankee.
      What more can you ask for ?

      Now, lets laser in for pitching, and only pitching.
      Quality pitching will right the ship, quickly.

      Trade / Sign / Shanghai if necessary, but bring in top
      The young talented offense, here & in the farm, will then
      be able to do its job.
      Holliday, a good man. Nice get !


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