Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Former Yankees Update: Otis Nixon


News out of Georgia reports that former Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees outfielder Otis Nixon has been reported missing on Sunday by Georgia authorities. The Woodstock Police Department tweeted out a recent photo of Nixon yesterday stating that the 58-year old former outfielder was last seen on Saturday around 10:00 AM ET leaving his home in his 2011 Range Rover.

Nixon left his house to head over to play gold but never made it to the golf course and now a search for the former MLB star is on. Nixon battled drugs his entire life and was even suspended during the 1991 World Series and was unable to play due to his positive test for cocaine. Nixon was also arrested in 2013 on charges of drug possession, again cocaine. Cocaine is a hell of a drug I hear.

Nixon played for nine teams during his MLB career which included the New York Yankees, the Cleveland Indians, the Montreal Expos, the Boston Red Sox, the Texas Rangers, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves. Nixon’s career ended in 1999. 

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