Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Quick Hit: James Kaprielian to See Doctor Today on Elbow

Just a quick hit for you guys and an injury update on the Yankees top pitching prospect in their system, righty James Kaprielian. As we all know Kaprielian strained his flexor muscle last season and missed basically the entire 2016 season recovering from the injury only to return for the Arizona Fall League and spring training this season. Kaprielian passed both of those tests with flying colors giving the Yankees zero reason to doubt that his elbow was fully healthy but once again Kaprielian finds himself on the Tampa Yankees disabled list. Kaprielian has seen doctors already but he sees another today which should lead to his final diagnosis. Holding my breath now.

Kaprielian flew to Tampa last week and had an MRI on his troublesome right elbow and also had a dye-contrast MRI on the elbow. The Yankees team physician Dr. Christopher Ahmad has recommended Kaprielian see the doctor that he is seeing today in Los Angeles, Dr. Neil ElAttrache. It’s probably not a good sign when Dr. Ahmad asks another doctor to step in but Kaprielian is not seeing Dr. James Andrews, not yet anyway, so that dreaded three-word term is not being uttered yet. Not loud enough for anyone to hear anyway.

Fingers crossed and with baited breath we wait for the results…. Stay tuned. 

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