Friday, October 13, 2017

The 2017 Story of the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees

Story time ladies and gentleman and this one is an interesting one. This story covers what the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros have done against one another head-to-head here in 2017. Will these stats mean much in this new season that we call the postseason? No, not likely but you know what they say… “history is usually an indicator of the future.” The Yankees and Astros have the ability to either debunk or prove that theory right here in this series but that process cannot begin without the history between the two clubs. Don’t worry, I got your back. Keep reading.

The New York Yankees and the Houston Astros faced off seven times this season, four times in the Bronx and three times inside Minute Maid Park, with the Astros winning five of those seven matchups including three-of-four inside Yankee Stadium. Sure, that looks bad but the last time we did this we were telling the story of the 2017 New York Yankees and the 2017 Cleveland Indians and that story turned out alright in the end for the boys in pinstripes, didn’t it? Also it is worth mentioning that all seven games came before the 2017 July 31st trading deadline and four of those games came way back in May. Needless to say both teams are much different today than they were in May and June/July of this season.
Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak
32Thursday, May 11boxscoreNYYHOUL2321-1120.5KeuchelPinedaGiles3:09N39,050--
33Friday, May 12boxscoreNYYHOUL1521-1220.5McCullersMontgomery3:09N41,150---
34Sunday, May 14 (1)boxscoreNYYHOUW11622-121up 0.5WarrenHarris3:20D+
35Sunday, May 14 (2)boxscoreNYYHOUL71022-131up 0.5MortonTanaka3:49D47,883-
78Friday, Jun 30boxscoreNYY@HOUW13443-3521.0PinedaFelizMitchell3:20N40,024+
79Saturday, Jul 1boxscoreNYY@HOUL6743-3622.0DiazBetancesGiles3:25N41,010-
80Sunday, Jul 2boxscoreNYY@HOUL1843-3723.0DevenskiSeverino3:29D41,761--

We can look at the history all day and analyze it until we are blue in the face but when these two teams faced off head-to-head this season players like David Robertson, Tommy Kahnle, Sonny Gray, Todd Frazier and even Didi Gregorius weren’t either here or firing on all cylinders yet after slow starts due to injuries. Sure, the Astros could say the same and remind us that they didn’t have Justin Verlander during those contests either but when these games took place the Yankees were a young team and a team just at the beginning of coming together. Now the team had melded and molded into what we see before us, potentially the American League Champions.

Stay tuned to see what happens and how this story ends over the next four-to-seven games. Go Yankees, Yankees in six. 

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