Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Yankees Postseason History Recap: Jeffrey Maier

Since the New York Yankees postseason is over and I am still holding strong to onto my boycott of the 2017 World Series let’s get nostalgic, shall we? Let’s take a look over the course the next couple weeks at the Yankees and their postseason history and let’s begin with a cold day in the Bronx back in 1996.

I can remember the first playoff game that I watched all nine innings of. Sure I watched a lot of the 1995 Wild Card round and I had watched some of the ALDS from 1996 but the first game, due to school, homework or the fact that I was just 10-years old and had the attention span of a 10-year old, Game 1 of the 1996 ALCS between the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles was the first game I watched from the first pitch to the last and boy was I not left disappointed.

If you don’t remember that was the game at Yankee Stadium that saw Derek Jeter step up to the plate against Armando Benitez with the Yankees trailing 4-3 in the bottom of the 8th inning. Jeter would slap the ball the other way to the right field wall where outfielder Tony Tarasco and a 12-year old little boy who will forever be remembered were waiting. His name was Jeffrey Maier.

Maier visibly reached into the field of play and grabbed the ball from Tarasco leading umpire Rich Garcia to rule the play a home run. The game was tied thanks to a little help, a game the Yankees went on to win leading to a series victory as well for the Bronx Bombers. 


  1. Time to turn the page, lads. Very good season, dam good !

    On June 1st, if someone told you that the team would miss going
    to the World Series by one game.....You would have laughed. Me too.
    Too many strikeouts in that Houston series. Awful.

    I avoided agita / agida (I know, two spellings)...by not watching any of the last two games. My Irish bones told me to get a life, and I did.
    I also got a few Coors Light. I will live longer. I know it.

    Lets turn the 2017 page, and grab a clean sheet of paper. Much to contemplate going forward.
    Just a few teasers, for those not in embalming class tonight.
    a) Can Arron Judge learn the strike zone ? If not, is he a
    larger version of Dave Kingman ?
    b) Who is your third baseman next season ? And, who moves on ?
    c) Who wants Jacoby besides his wife ? And how to pull this off.
    d) Where / when does this so called 'young talent'...take root ?

    Don't be intimidated by the clean sheet of paper. Use it to put
    down your thoughts, and we will convene again after the series.
    The series ? Not on my watch.

    Kenny Reed : Remember 'Ballpark', and his dumb batting range ?
    They knew everything, that is what they told each other.
    What a collection of morons.

  2. patrick...How can I forget him, I owned a business or two in my life, as have others, it didn't make me a artist, or printer.
    I had a funny way of batting, he said one can't hit that way...over 40 years, it worked for me.

    Start of the season I said they had young talent on this team and were set-up for next year. If they got to the wild card, that would be great, but next year is their time.

    Well, they did better than I expected, that's for sure. With a few changes they can be better next year, as Daniel said, the games show them how things are when the heat is turned up!

    I think both Judge and Sanchez know the strike zone, they just can't read the pitch very well and haven't adjusted to the way they are being made to look like "Rooks".
    One thing about Judge, they are calling pitches below HIS knees a strike...it would be for someone 6'3" but not for him at 6'9" tall. My god, even my wife said both of them were swinging at the same pitch low and outside most every time...slider don't you know!

    Have fun, for the winter is coming very soon...say my bones!


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