Saturday, October 28, 2017

You're A Tool, Yuli Gurriel!

It's been a long time since I did one of these, but what I saw last night really ticked me off. Yeah... calling Gurriel a "tool" is an understatement. Racism, and any sort of bigotry, is the biggest issue facing this country. Just think about all the problems we face, and I bet each and every one of those things can be traced to bigotry.

The golden rule is this... don't be an a***ole. But Yuli doesn't abide by that rule.

I really hope I don't have to explain to you why I'm calling out Gurriel here. He's a racist, classless, piece of garbage. If Rob Manfred lets this go then it'll go to show what a tool he is too.


  1. Would have to agree. I'm sure many people have made silly gestures before that really weren't racist in intent, however on a major stage that was just plain stupid. As a Yankee fan I rather hate the Dodgers and was pulling for Houston. As of now, I'd rather see the Dodgers win and karma come back to bite him in the ass.

    1. I've heard a decent amount about this post, and read a handful of opinions regarding Gurriel's actions. While I understand that what he did and said means something different in Latin American countries, he's not in a Latin American country. And he's not just a "regular" guy, either.

      Many celebrities, most notably Charles Barkley, don't like being role models. Well, I'm sorry, but they are. People of all ages, races, sexes, look up to them in one way or another.

      Does he deserve a suspension and/or fine? Probably. His actions reflect MLB and the Houston Astros, not just himself. And if anyone is offended by what he did and said (and yes... many are), then action should be taken to show that MLB nor the Astros are ok with offending anyone. Especially when it comes to something people may deem racist.

      Was what I said a bit harsh? Probably. But I stand by it. Yu Darvish is so much more than a Japanese man. I'm much more than a Dutch man. And Yuli Gurriel is much more than a Cuban man. Perhaps Yuli did not mean to offend, but he did. And hopefully he thinks twice about doing something like this in the future. And so will others.

    2. Bryan, I don't disagree with you often but, I must do so with this one!

      Don't mean to be disrespectful Bryan, your a good writer, keep it up!
      Like most of my way of thinking, I am too old to change and sure as hell don't want to be a follower...I am first out the door and the last in, that's that.

      This PC stuff has gotten a little out of hand, we must not offend someone buy making faces at them. My god that has been part of the game (any game) for over 80 years of my time line. Get a player mad...he makes mistakes. Get your guys cheered up and they get loose and relax a bit.
      I don't think I would do it, but everyone has their own filter on what and when they say or do something unkind or offensive. As we have seen in life, some people are just very offensive people, but this was nothing, nothing at all!
      Do you get mad when jokingly someone calls you a Hollander? When I am call a "crazy Irishmen" I don't get up set now days. Back a few years it would get you a 2 by 4 upside the head.
      Different time different crap, all because so many people now days are so full of themselves they don't want any "hurt feelings"!
      News Flash: "that's life"!

  2. Too bad. Such is life.
    The Yankees could have kicked the Dodgers asses, if they had not
    run into good pitching, during the last two games on Houston.
    Toooo many strike outs....Yeah you, Judge ! All season.

    New York Post today...touting Raul Ibanez. Hmmm ?

  3. Gurriel & Racism, as posted above: Bryan Dozen, again.

    Are you for real ? Making slanted eyes is so horrific ? Grow up, man!
    If Gorriel stuck out his tougue, what would that make him ?

    Lets guess..If he called him a fag ? A girl ? Spit towards him ? That
    makes him a nazi ? In your mind, most likely yes.
    But for gods sake...don't make slanty eyes ! How moronic.

    Take a pathetic knee along with the rest of your politically correct
    spineless brothers.
    Grow up, get over it.

  4. I'm very much against racism but at the same time I am very much against political correctness too in a lot of cases so this one is tough for me. Do I think Yuli is a tool for doing that, sure I do. It wasn't done in good taste, kind of classless and disrespectful and by the very definition of the word he's a tool.

    Do I think it's the end of the world and do I think he should be burned at the stake for it? No, not really. It was a douche move but he has to answer for it at the end of the day, not I.

    1. This never ends....Re: Making Jap eyes, on camera.

      Now the guy is a tool, a dumb ass, a prick, or whatever that term means.
      "Should he be burned at the, not really." Burned alive ?
      "A douche move, and he has to answer for it!".. To whom, and why ?

      No. This 'young' person made jap eyes. He did not put a camera under some girls skirt. He did not say "we don't serve police". Nor,
      did he spit in white folks eggs while serving breakfast.

      Making oriental / jap eyes is not murder one.
      And he should not have to answer to anyone.

    2. Well, it looks like the older ones around here don't get the PC thing at all! Good!
      The only racism I ever saw in my life was Everyone against the Irish and later (1950s), the whites and blacks.

      Later in life I found that blacks, whites, yellows...all bleed red blood! I have never been a Racist but now days it has become a crime to think or be different! You all understand, Life in the real world is not easy people get a back bone and be a MAN!

      End of subject, this is a sports blog, right? Sorry about that fans!

    3. Who am I to say who he has to answer to? His team? The league? His God? Yu Darvish himself? Nothing goes unnoticed anymore and everyone has to answer to everything they do, even the most trivial things and even if you don't notice it. I think you were looking to much into that line on that one little p.


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