Tuesday, December 5, 2017

So it Seems… Breaking the Silence

Good morning everyone, it’s time I break the silence. The MLB offseason is a frustrating one at times, a boring one at other times, while sometimes it is merely too much for one person to keep up with as a writer. It is a good problem to have because I thoroughly enjoy writing but at one point in my life, for whatever reason, it got to the point where I forced content. I wrote just to have something on the blog every single day and at first it was fun. Before long it became tiresome, staying up until 2:00 am just so things were on the blog for the next day. Those days, fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, are over as I have refocused and reprioritized what was truly important in my life, my lovely wife Kari and my family.

I just wanted to get that out there in case people begin to wonder where I am during the long, cold and boring winter ahead. I’m around, I am always reading and I am always thinking of new and hopefully exciting content to bring you guys and girls reading. I just won’t force it anymore, and I think my work will be better for it anyway when I don’t. So it’s time to break the silence as Shohei Otani checked the “NO” box on the love letter from Brian Cashman and company, Aaron Boone has been hired as the new Yankees manager, 26 new free agents have entered the fold, 13 new international free agents hit the market this winter, and another former St. Louis Cardinals “Matt” may be finding his way in the Bronx if I get my way. So without further ado and delay from me, let’s get to it.

And you… my love, my soulmate, my arm candy, my everything. I loves you. I hope you have the very best day, I know I will… because you’re mine. 

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