Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Shohei Says No Way to New York, Now What?

The Shohei Otani ship has sailed Yankees fans but that does not mean this offseason has to be a disaster for Brian Cashman and company. The Yankees have a plan and a young stable of starting pitchers ready to start the 2018 season including Luis Severino, Masahiro Tanaka, Sonny Gray and Jordan Montgomery with the likes of Justus Sheffield, Chance Adams and others waiting in the wings down in the minor leagues. The Yankees need one more starter, if at all, next season and that one starter will likely be CC Sabathia. Just for fun though, and for the sake of not assuming that it will simply be Sabathia just because of old loyalties and such, let’s take a look at the free agent class of starting pitchers to see if any other arms should entice the Yankees.

First and foremost, you can erase any ideas of expensive arms like Jake Arrieta, Jeremy Hellickson or Yu Darvish joining the Yankees staff in 2017. Those three arms will look to cash in big time this offseason via free agency and neither will likely fit into the austerity plans the New York Yankees have going forward leaving a lackluster list of potential arms. Just some of the arms available for New York include Anibal Sanchez, John Lackey, Ubaldo Jimenez, Ricky Nolasco, Chris Tillman, Andrew Cashner, Jason Vargas, Hector Santiago, Lance Lynn, Clay Buchholz, Jaime Garcia, Miguel Gonzalez, Alex Cobb and Bud Norris to name a few.

Out of that group of names obviously Alex Cobb is the most intriguing, the problem with Cobb though is that he is tied to draft pick compensation after being offered a qualifying offer this winter by Tampa Bay. That should in itself rule him out in my book, although the Yankees do have a great farm system and may be willing to part with a first-round pick for Cobb’s services. Who knows. All I know is I want no part of any other name on that list. It is either Cobb and the first-round draft pick, CC Sabathia or bust if you’re asking me. If not, then I would be more than comfortable with letting the Yankees ride with who they currently have and bringing up another young kid from the minor leagues to battle it out during spring training camp.

Also, don’t forget about Michael Pineda even though he is likely to miss the entire season after undergoing Tommy John surgery in June of 2017. He may be back in August or September of this coming season but to bank on that would be foolish for New York. Pineda may be an absolute steal for the 2018 season though, so a two-year deal is and should always be on the table in my opinion. 


  1. Girls, please don't all of you jump out of your seats all at once,
    but try this trade on for size.

    John Harper put this up in today's NY Daily News.
    Try not to over react, because it's not dumb, like so many others.

    Trade with the Cubs for 24 year old, LH / DH...Kyle Schwarber.
    * This was the guy that the Yankees first wanted in the Chapman trade.
    The Cubs said absolutely....no!
    Get him back on track, this once untouchable, would be a monster
    for years to come in the stadium.

    The cost ?.....Dellin Betances & Chance Adams.
    Do it ?

    1. I'd give them Betances and a lump of coal and nothing more. Adam's stays and becomes a key component in our back to back WS victories. Sorry St Patty no dice

    2. Hanzel!...Finally you have surfaced. Like the great whale!
      Great to see you again !

      I put up 3 posts a night sometimes, the response I get here
      is likened to a musty a funeral home. Real dead people.
      Used to having folks chip in daily to their site. Not here.

      I came from two dying sites, along with the great Ken Reed,
      so I can cope with what I am dealing with here.

      Cope yes, understand...No!

      Just watched all of the Boone intro, and two hours of follow-up.
      My take....we have someone special.
      Saw that on the Steinbrenners / Levine faces.

      Hanzel, stay well my friend............patrick.

    3. Patrick I too watched the whole press conference and follow-up. He looks to have a hot wife, not sure she was that thrilled to be there. I hope Daniel Boone and his Coon Skin hat can bring us to the promised land. To all you guys that served our country I know this is a difficult day, however I want to say thanks for keeping us safe throughout our life time. Elf lets go get another arm besides CC

  2. Sorry I am behind a day or so guys. Just walked in the door a few min. ago.
    Had a Dec. 7th party to go to, it got underway at 0755! There had to be about 40 Vets there. Had a grand old time Honoring the fallen of that sad day. Told and heard many war stores from many different generations. It is funny how time changes the stores from what they were at the time, to a funny story. Although, looking close, some times the story and the face of the teller don't match.

    I too, watched some of the news conference. My take is...ok, we have our manager now get on with winning the Gold Ring, don't let us down Boone!
    May God bless MLB, Yankees, TGPS and all my people still with us!


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