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Fan Time....

Fan Time......


Hello fellow Yankee fans!!! It’s just about that time of year again. The spring is upon us, the weather is heating up and it’s time for opening day. The baby bombers are staring to mature and the veterans are looking confident. We have added one of my favorite players in Giancarlo Stanton and the bullpen… well it’s locked and loaded!! The only real question is how does the starting pitching hold up? I guess we will have to play a few games to see how it will come together.  

This season I’ll be doing a new interactive post called Fan Time. I’ll set out in search of hardcore Yankee fans of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you email me with an interview request, someone I’ve know for a while or just some random person on the street. I want to get theirs and your opinion on everything Yankees.

My first participant will be a long time friend, Matt Summa from New Rochelle, NY. He and I go way back and we still keep in touch as foes on the softball field. He is a big time sports fan and a die-hard Yankee fan. My first question to him was one I already knew the answer to, how long have you been a Yankee fan?

 Matt: “I’ve been a Yankee fan since birth, over 30 years.”  

 Me: “Aaron Boone is all set to replace Joe Girardi, are the Yankees better because of it?” 

 Matt: “Aaron Boone replacing Girardi definitely makes them different. I don’t know if it makes them better, but the roster Boone takes over makes them better for sure.”

 Me: “I definitely agree with Aaron Boone, but only time will truly tell. I do think the club house will be a little looser.” “What was your initial reaction to the Giancarlo Stanton trade?” 

 Matt: “I couldn’t believe the Stanton trade when I first heard it. I had to check several websites to make sure I read it correctly. When I did, I realized this lineup has the chance to be really special.”

 Me: “I had to do the same thing, especially because last year as one of my first blogs, I did a post predicting him becoming a Yankee.” “How many home runs and RBIs do you think he gets this year?”

 Matt: “I’d say 40 HR and 110 RBI.”

 Me: “Who puts up better numbers, him or Judge?”

 Matt: “I’d say Stanton puts up better numbers just based on his career numbers. I want to say Gary Sanchez will be the team MVP, my little prediction. I see a huge year coming from Sanchez!”

 Me: “I agree!! Gary is going to be nuts! I think Stanton’s RBI’s will be about 110 or close to it. I do feel with his ability to go to right may raise the HR’s above 50 with a few cheap shots possibly?”

 Matt: “I almost typed 50 for Stanton but then deleted it lol. I’ll go 50!”

 Me: “Do you think it was a mistake that the Yankees didn’t add another starting pitcher?” 

 Matt: “I think it would’ve been nice to add a starting pitcher but I think they trust their 5 to give them 25 plus starts a piece. They have young talent at triple A ready to step in when needed, that also softens the blow of not signing one.”

 Me: “What are your thoughts of the Yankees moves concerning 3B? Are you happy with Brandon Drury? Would you rather See Miguel Andújar?” 

 Matt: “I love the Drury trade! Scouts say he projects as a better 3B than a 2B and it gives Andújar time to mature and work on his defense. If Drury is awful, then mid year or even next year hand over the position to a more ready Andújar.”

 Me: “I am big on the Drury trade as well, plus I think some Didi luck from Arizona will help lol.” “What are your feelings on the Neil Walker signing? Should he start at 2B or did Tyler Wade do enough this spring to earn the Job?” 

 Matt: “I think the Walker signing is smart for a few reasons: it gives the Yankees a veteran on a relatively young infield. If he gets hurt or can’t hack it, then I’d say Wade has done MORE than enough to show he can start for this team!”

 Me: “Who is you favorite all time Yankee? Why?” 

 Matt: “Favorite all time Yankee is a tough one… I’d say Mickey Mantle for all he did for an entire career and on essentially one good knee for the bulk of it. But I’d lean to Derek Jeter because of everything he did for this team. Always clutch in the biggest of moments, the bigger the moment the more you knew Jeter would produce.”

 Me: “Derek Jeter is the definition of clutch!” “What is your favorite Jeter moment? I know, I know, how to choose lol.”

 Matt: “Probably his walk-off homerun making him Mr. November or his leadoff homerun against the Mets. But I’ll go with the flip play against Oakland as my favorite Jeter moment.”

 Me: “What is your biggest Yankee memory?”  

 Matt: “Biggest Yankee memory is easy: game 4, 2001 World Series, bottom of the 9th, Tino Martinez two run homer to tie the game against the Diamondbacks.

 Me: “It’s now the 2018 off season, Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Clayton Kershaw, Andrew Miller , Josh Donaldson, Charlie Blackmon, and Dallas keuchel to name a few are all free agents. Who do you sign and why? Anyone not named?” 

 Matt: “I’d love to see Machado and Kershaw but I’d honestly say none of them. Roll with the young kids we’ve got coming and the guys we’ve got on the field currently.”

 Me: “No Bryce?”

 Matt: “I don’t think there is space honestly.”

 Me: “Me either, however looking from a business stand point I don’t know I can not add Mr. Harper. The amount of HR’s he could hit in Yankee stadium would be Monumental. Plus now I’m splitting the 3 big righties, it would be mind blowing.” “What would you say if I countered with Bryce Harper in LF, Brett Gardner in CF, Aaron Judge in RF, and Stanton at DH?”

 Matt: “I’d say Hicks in CF is more likely, but hey anything is possible.”

 Me: “Ok last series of questions. Do you find these statements to be true or false? Severino becomes a true ace and delivers 18 wins?” 

 Matt: “True! Severino wins 18 yes.”

 Me: “Aaron Judge hits 50 HR’s?”

 Matt: “False, Judge hits 40.”

 Me: “Brett Gardner is the Leadoff hitter come September?”

 Matt: “True.” 

 Me: “Sonny Gray has a winning record?”

 Matt: “True, Gray goes 14-10.” 

 Me: “The Yankees regret Tanaka opted in?” 

 Matt: “False, he has a bounce back year.” 

 Me: “Chris Archer becomes a Yankee?” 

 Matt: “False.” 

 Me: “Do the Yankees Win 95 Plus games?”

 Matt: “False, Yankees Win 92 games.”

 Me: “Does 92 games win the division?”

 Matt: “I take it back, they win 96 and yes that wins the division.” 

 Me: “Gleyber Torres makes the big league Roster? 

 Matt: “False.” 

 Me: “Manny Machado is a Yankee this year?”

 Matt: “False, next year lol.” 

 Me: “Well that’s about it, thank you for your time. Do you have any final thoughts or statements on the Yankees this season?”

 Matt: “The Yankees win 96 games and a World Series Title!!!” 

 Well there we have it, and thanks again to Matt Summa, a knowledgeable Yankees fan that had some good opinions to offer. Let’s see what happens and I hope he’s right about us taking home the World Series trophy. Since 1923, the year of their first championship, the only decade the Yankees didn’t win a title was the 1980’s and I would really like to keep it that way!! 

 Please email me at james palma at yahoo dot com with any questions, comments, and/or would like to be interviewed. I look forward to hearing from you. It could be you that’s my next victim lol. Here’s to another great season… LET’S GO YANKEES!!!!





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