Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Possibilities Are... Nearly... Endless.

This one goes out to Scott...

The Yankees should trade for Chris Archer.

He'd look great in pinstripes, wouldn't he?

With that said, I don't believe the Yankees will strike a deal with Tampa to acquire Archer. It's not that we wouldn't be able to put together a package of players good enough to do so, I just don't see a deal that big happening between division opponents.

I had the same thought when there was talk of Baltimore trading Manny Machado during the offseason.

Even though I highly doubt either the Rays nor Orioles will compete for the AL East crown this season, I'm sure there are teams outside of the division... heck, outside of the American League... that could put a package of players together impressive enough to deal for Archer.

So while I don't believe the Yankees and Rays will get together and make a deal involving Chris Archer, I'm 99.9% certain that before August roles around the Yankees will trade for a big-time starter.

You remember when the Yankees dealt for Sonny Gray last season? Yeah... what's to come will be bigger than that.

One name that's been throw out there a bunch of times is Cole Hamels. The club option on Hamels' contract could become guaranteed, however he'd not only have to avoid the disabled list with either shoulder or elbow trouble at the end of the season, Cole would also have to throw 252 innings as well. Yeah... that's not happening. So knowing that Texas is unlikely to be a contender in a division including the Astros and Angels, and Cole's contract ends after this season, dealing away Hamels is almost a certainty.

But if what we've seen from Brian Cashman recently holds true, he's not going to trade away good to great prospects to rent a player for half a season. Brian is going to trade for somebody as good as Cole, if not better, who is also under team control for at least another year.

Let's start by looking at a list of players that could be traded...

Gleyber Torres - Honestly, I find this unlikely. Neil Walker was only signed for one year, so Torres still has a path to MLB for next season. But keep in mind that the possibility isn't zero.

Justus Sheffield - Another unlikely option, but an option none-the-less. The guy the Yankees trade for may very well be the pitcher some envision Sheffield could become. The only difference is the guy the Yankees trade for would be a year or two ahead of Justus, and already getting it done in the big leagues.

Miguel Andujar - I can see the Yankees extending the 28 year-old Didi Gregorius for two to three more years, locking up shortstop through the 2021 season. Add Gregorius with Brandon Drury (not a free agent until after the 2021 season), Gleyber Torres, and Tyler Wade, and that doesn't leave a clear spot for Miguel to get promoted into. Plus there's another guy, but I'll talk about him in a moment.

Estevan Florial - Another player I don't believe Cashman wants to part with, as he could be the heir apparent to center field and the leadoff spot in the lineup, but a possibility still. After all, Estevan may only play part of this season above A ball. And being that far away from Major League Baseball means he's far from a sure bet.

Chance Adams and Dillon Tate - While they aren't as highly touted as Justus Sheffield, both of these guys have high value, especially thanks to them being ready to step into a MLB starting rotation this year or next. And with Sheffield and the next guy I'm going to list around, neither man seems to have a clear path to a starting gig with the Yankees.

Albert Abreu - Albert may be two to three years away from the Majors, possibly making his loss more palatable than pitchers like Adams, Sheffield, and Tate. But a team looking to compete in two to three years would love to have a pitching prospect the caliber of Abreu.

Tyler Wade - Wade has shown during Spring Training that he's ready to start at the MLB level right now. Unfortunately that is unlikely to happen, at least regularly, on Opening Day. And it may never happen with the Yankees thanks to Gregorius, Drury, Walker, and Torres. Even a spot on the bench isn't certain due to Ronald Torreyes.

Thairo Estrada - There are many people, both in the organization and it's fanbase, that would hate to see Estrada dealt away. But he's in a similar situation as Tyler Wade... he has no clear spot to be promoted into.

The only two players out of those I just listed that are likely to still be with the organization after the trade deadline are Torres and Sheffield. No... they won't be the only ones, it's just that the other six could be elsewhere.

And let's not forget that Brian Cashman may absolutely love Manny Machado (the guy I was referring to when speaking of Miguel Andujar), and has already put together a contract to offer Manny as soon as Game 7 of the World Series is over with.

The point is the Yankees can very easily put together a package of players that can't be matched. The Padres, White Sox, and Braves systems may be better, but they don't have a young core like the Yankees have with Judge, Sanchez, Bird, and Severino. Oh, and they don't have a Giancarlo Stanton, either. So, unlike the Yankees, those other teams need to keep some of the big prospects they have.

Oh... and money. Those other three teams don't have the ability to buy players like the Yankees do.

So you may be able to cross off great young pitchers from contenders like the Red Sox, Indians, Astros, Nationals, Cubs, and Dodgers. And you can probably cross off great young starters from the rest of the teams in the American League East. But it's likely that any other pitcher in Major League Baseball is in play.


So I'm not going to give you a list of targets, because the fact is that list is way too large. Just imagine a great young starter from any team not listed above, and smile because they could be on their way to the Bronx soon.


  1. Your point is exactly what separates the Yankees from the Red Sox and what could prove to be the AL East championship for the home team. The Red Sox are flying on fumes and cannot withstand the loss of any of their front line players. Payroll is max and the farm system is bare. I remember those days. Thankfully they are in the rearview mirror for Team Pinstripes.

    1. So what you are saying is what I said a few years ago when he was hired. That Dave Dombrowski was a mistake for the Boston Red Sox to hire (if you are on their side of the fence) and a God send for Yankees fans, eventually.

  2. ALbert Abreu, Chance Adams, Dillon Tate, Estevan Florial, Gleyber Torres, Justus Sheffield, Miguel Andujar, Thairo Estrada, Clint Frazier, Domingo Acevedo are the guys the Yankees will need to keep the team as a winner year after year. They have a winning team now, why trade away four of them for one Pitcher?
    This team has "NO NEEDS" but a lot of "WANTS"! As the team gets older one needs equal value replacements. Where are they coming from? Some of those 19 to 22 year olds will be the replacements.
    Let's wait until we find out how well these guys can play together and win!

  3. If they were to sign Machado then why would they need Andujar? With Judge, Stanton, and Hicks-Florial why would they need Frazier? With an infield of Andujar/Machado, Gregorius, Torres, and Bird why would they need Estrada? You gave five pitchers, and with Severino and Montgomery why would they need them all? Bullpen maybe, but I don't believe they need them all there.

    If the team doesn't need anything then fine... Keep em all. But chances are that in order to make a strong push this year they're going to want to bring someone in.

    1. Bryan, as usual, I may have given the wrong impression. I didn't mean to use them this year. As the team ages or a A-1 type player comes looking to play for us we have someone to take the place of whomever we need to trade for said player.
      Many of the players I want to keep are 19-22 years old.
      Look at it like this, Estevan is 19/20...in 2 to 3 years he can be our CF. Stanton is 28(?) in a year or so we could trade him same thing for all the guys. Also, there is the injury thing that can bring down any team unless, one has people that can steep in and play almost as well or better.

  4. He isn't the stud he used to be, but you cannot sleep on his postseason and pennant chase experience. You also can't sleep on the fact that he wouldn't HAVE to be a stud here, as the team already has a couple at the top of the rotation. He would be a 4th starter in the postseason or a 5th starter type down the stretch assuming the health of the five-or-six guys we already have.

  5. Bye the way...Bryan, Scott, Jeff, patrick and our leader Daniel have done a great job this year! Now is the time for Baseball...go for it guys!

  6. Every time we bring in a new player he goes onto the 40 man and one of the kids has to leave...Cave has been taken off the 40 man, who is next?
    What is it with all these guys being being brought in, is it we are getting the old school thing about rookies...Play the vet over the rookie every time? I don't follow the group think very well. We have some rookies that are better (or will be very soon) than those we bring in, why play players that won't be here next year? This team can do just fine with kids that are still learning the game...after all, it is only one or two rookies and they are very good players!
    Play the kids, what the hell is having a very good farm system for, if one just goes on as the Yankees always have in the past.

    1. I get what you're saying, but here's a counter...

      Luis Severino, Jordan Montgomery, Dellin Betances, Chad Green, Greg Bird, Gary Sanchez, Aaron Judge

      Gleyber Torres is not blocked, and Clint Frazier has a path to a starting role next season (assuming they let Gardner go). Justus Sheffield, or another pitcher or two, have a path as well. Estevan Florial, too. And I don't think Drury is going to hold back Andujar (Machado could do that).

      When you have the money the Yankees do you can build the best team possible, which is using kids and buying high-end veterans. And doing so sooner rather than later is ideal since eventually you may not be able to re-sign Judge, Sanchez, Severino, etc.

    2. I can't disagree with what you are bringing to the table Bryan!

      My problem is with the idea we have to go after a player around 33+ and pay for a contract that will out last his talents! Why not play a kid that with think can be a very good player himself...maybe even much the same or better given half a chance to play everyday. That one player may cost us about 3+ of our farmers. Do deals like that and soon we have NO top players on the farm.

    3. Oh, I didn't mean to say I want someone over 32. Trade for a guy that's young and under team control. As for free agents, Manny and Harper will only be 26 next year.

    4. Harper is a no, Manny is a "We Don't Need". I'd take them any day, but why?
      Where is it written we have to have all-Stars at every spot on the field? The last signings are wasted, the players we already have could do as well as those two guys. I mean, Torreyes and Wade can fill in at 3rd and 2nd until Thairo Estrada and Torres show up in late April or May!

      Damn good team this year, wouldn't you say?

    5. Bryan, I think Thairo Estrada is a better fit than Andujar all the way around. Domingo Acevedo is going to be a better pitcher than Adams and Sheffield although it may be better for the team putting him in the BP as Set-up/closer. Chapman isn't going to be around long. And don't forget Trey Amburgey outfielder has everything.

      What say you?

    6. I agree that they may not be needed, and in Harper's case we may not have anywhere to put him. I just can't help thinking that you can't pass up on that type of talent.

      I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to prospects, so I'll take your word on them.

    7. To say Acevedo will be better than Sheffield is pretty bold. Neither of us can say the other is right or wrong, obviously, but Sheffield is just such a polished and complete pitcher. Acevedo struggles with command and control like most big pitchers and pitchers of his size, see Dellin Betances. I can't say I agree with that, not at all. I think Acevedo will be better than Adams though, and he is one of my personal favorite arms in the Yankees system.

      Thairo Estrada is a better all-around prospect than Andujar, yes. But they are comparing apples to oranges, to different types of players. Andujar is the powerful big bopper in the middle of the lineup at third base while Estrada looks to be more like a leadoff type hitter in the middle infield. Both are good prospects, but I would rank Estrada higher, agree.

    8. Agree Daniel, we don't know which will be better. One thing I noticed about "Ace", he plants with a stiff leg and throws 3/4...that 3/4 arm motion makes it a problem for him to throw a breaking ball with consistency. He does pound the zone with the fastball and change-up but I really believe he will end up in the BP as setup or closer. That front leg, and 3/4 motion is his downfall...as a starter!
      My opinion Daniel, I have seen him pitch he is good but those things above have me thinking he will end up in the BP.

    9. Many think he is destined to be in the bullpen, so you may very well be onto something. And that's okay, we need bullpen arms as well as starters and Acevedo can be a dominant one in the pen, that would suit me just fine.

  7. You had better embrace this season! It is real!
    Like Juggernauts coming down the Hudson river, this team is awesome.

    Just returned from Fla. awhile ago today.
    I was very fortunate to of been given tickets to today's game. What a parade of talent.

    The first Marlin's pitcher, Smith, had that...'I've seen enough of this
    line-up',as he struggled in the first inning.
    Great fun.

    I will never say anything untrue....So, yes that was me six rows behind third, wearing a blue t-shirt with .......
    'Twasp & I, live a Glass House', in bold type.
    Weird / questionable looks from some fans, but it was not meant for them.
    Still not used to being sand bagged the other day.

    Ken Reed, God watches over you............patrick.

    1. Thank you patrick, He has been with me a long time. I sometimes wonder how much work it is for Him...well, not so much anymore, but there were times too darn many of them.
      My sister moved to Fla., and I had hoped to get down and see her and the Yankees but, with building a house and all that stuff...not a chance!
      It is about time for you to get your ass back to work again, right? I know you will be plenty busy from about now on thru the summer.
      Stay tight, and watch the beginning of a real run like the Yankees of old...5 or more WS rings in a row...not 5 in 20 years!

    2. Kenneth....Back to work is past tense.
      We've been working outside in the nursery since mid-January,
      working towards being ready by Easter. I think it looks real
      good right now. Perhaps ahead of schedule. Trees are in, cold
      weather annuals are next.
      Love your optimism. That is who you are.

    3. I know this is a baseball blog but, gotta get the news of the world also!

      Waiting for my house to be finished has me out in the woods cutting and trimming trees. My sister-in-law has NO idea how to take care of her trees.
      I would love to have "The Bosses" House in the woods like hers.
      After seven houses that were in the boon-docks, this is "The Bosses" place...but in a place with no trees, nothing but houses as far as one can see. Only good thing is it has a lake behind it. I can sit in the sun and fish from my Deck...almost!

      Have fun and don't work to hard!


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