Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hello… Mother Nature Needs to Staaaahp

Anyone else sick of the weather this year? I know as a displaced Yankees fan I may be dealing with more of a sporadic type weather in Georgia than those still in New York, but still. Enough is enough. The Yankees home opener got snowed out on Monday and the game was threatened all day long on Tuesday because of rain, please Mother Nature make up your damn mind. The weather isn’t much better down here, it has been raining every day for what feels like two years now with little end in sight, but I can still appreciate the little things.

The Yankees are getting their games in when they can, I am a lot less stressed at work, I have more time to write and spend time with you all reading this, and I still have the health and happiness of my family beside me. We are taking another big step today towards the ultimate goal and towards ultimate happiness, and damn it will be worth the wait.

Aaron Hicks is on his way back, and Jacoby Ellsbury is hurt again. Surprise, surprise. Oh, and where the hell is Clint Frazier? My goodness, this whole concussion thing seems a bit excessive if you ask me, but that’s only if you ask me. Anyway, I digress…

I love you all, but especially you. Hey you. I hope everyone has a great day today!


  1. Frazier must have been hurt because he was sure he would make the Yankees.
    I like the breed of players that crash in to walls leave their feet and hard on everything.It shows they love the game .I have seen to many that pull up and let a ball drop or jog only to seea ball bobbled and still thrown out due to lack of hustle..
    Might also be time to give up the Wade project and put Austin in as full time DH and Walker at 2B.
    Wade just can't find a hit though he did get robbed yesterday of a homerun.
    How come Boston gets such an easy schedule this year according to stength of schedule they finished ahead of us in the standings.
    Oh well. , when the weather warms so will Stanton .

  2. Frazier suffered a concussion, but it seems like he has been out for a long time because of it. I know everyone wants to be super cautious with concussions now, but damn. Anyway, he is doing baseball activities so I guess he could be back soon. It is just weird that Hicks and Ellsbury are talked about being back before Frazier.

    You can't give up on the Wade project five games into the season. Especially not after he had an RBI single yesterday and was robbed of a go-ahead home run.

  3. I agree with Daniel concerning Wade, he has something nobody on the team has...speed! The ability to bunt both sides of the mound and steal bases is and has been missing for a few years.
    Brett can bunt and steal bases also, but he is not the speed guy he once was.

    Also, I am getting to like our #5 starter more and more every time I see him pitch...ok, C&C with all four pitches. The kid could pitch for 15+ years with his easy motion...I like it!

    1. Wade just isn't that good Reed. Its one thing to be a good player down on the farm, its another to be good in the show.

    2. Nice to hear from you Ken H.
      I understand what you are saying, and I agree with you to some extent!
      He has tools this team needs but for some reason hasn't been able to put anything into action. He can hit at a 270+ clip but hasn't. He is a very good glove man and has shown his speed but that isn't enough...we need him to hit and get on base how-some-ever he can but, just not happening.
      This team could do with some speed on the bases, I thought he would be of help. I am hoping he can change things yet. Tools are there, but if one can't use them........!
      Stick around Ken, things are going to be interesting.

    3. Ken Hans: So glad to see you had stopped by.

      People like you, can bring along others others, to any site,
      and make things happen.

      I most likely have one foot out the door here.

      I went after the site manager for using profanity, and
      'Ohio Brian' for using an idiotic child-like logo. He later changes the logo on his own...afterwards the land lines, to and from Ohio, must had been intense. Me, and my glass house.

      Ken misses you, that is fact. But not the non-posting corpses.

      They,the non dead, when participating, offer only light weight sentences....." Ah,duh....I think Joe Girardi looked like
      Elston Howard, on my old Zenus television. How about you guys?"

      The young Irish women at Long Beach, were asking for you,
      on Polar Bear Sunday. Take care.

    4. For someone who praised his maturity while going after the site manager for using profanity (I used the word douchebag, which if that is your idea of profanity I feel sorry for your virgin ears walking the streets of New York lol) you sure keep bringing up the past and beating a dead horse into the ground. I thought we all moved past it, guess not.

    5. *Yawn*

      Same crap... different day.

    6. Brian One Dozen, now enters the ring. The fans begin throw cabbage towards him!

      The site manager sets the stage for him, the audience develops
      bowel discomfort, and Dozen runs around yelling..."yawn, yawn,
      yawn!"...Sounds like he has bowel reflex?

      Try moving over to Toledo, and spend time in a sandbox.

  4. And I concur with the crowd, good to see you around here Hans. Always a pleasure.

  5. Patrick always a pleasure to read your posts and I do truly enjoy them. Now its blasting time on my favorite victim other than Reed. Yes its the one and only Elf who I pray yearly would get stuck up on that damn building. Now I have kept quite and sat back and watched the narrative of the elf who everyone praised last year for the quick turnaround.

    I'm a fair person and I thought he did a good job unloading the old priced veterans and picked up talent. Now while we were all siting here giving him the GM of the year thropy we got caught up in that little elf's grand scheme of things. The elf didn't want Girardi back for a few reasons. The main reason is that the elf wanted to be the manager of the team and by hiring Boone he had a puppet with a personality that could wilt a flower. Girardi was hardcore and intense and had that burning desire to win. Now I'm not saying Boone doesn't want to win, however there is an old saying that the team takes on the personality of the manager and I think it is quite evident that this team has no fire, no intensity.

    I for one was not a Girardi fan, however his record spoke for itself and I was not happy with his not being rehired considering what else was out there. The elf things this is stratomatic baseball and he's in charge. I don't want to hear any of you say its early and that look at past history. We are in the now and this team sucks.

    Back to Elf point number two. Who in their freaking right mind goes back next season with the same pitching staff? Who believes that a DL waiting to happen player in CC is going to replicate the same thing he did last year? He is year older and probably 50 ponds heavier so lets not add any arms. We didn't need Stanton, we needed another starter. I'm tired of watching this brand of baseball. We suck at running the bases, we have too many errors and we don't play sound baseball. It was an embarrassment last night and this crap needs to stop. If you are wearing a major league uniform you need to produce and do your job. I don't want to hear about injuries

    1. To be fair the Yankees do have a full season of Sonny Gray in 2018, where in 2017 they did not. But I do agree, the team did need a starter in some capacity. I was actually a fan of bringing in CC again because of his veteran leadership and such, but as a 5th starter only. There's very little depth at the upper levels unless you want to count on Luis Cessa or wait on Justus Sheffield, but thankfully the starting pitching for the most part hasn't been the biggest issue this team has had thus far. It's been the bullpen.

      I have seen this bullpen already being called the most overrated bullpen of all-time. I think that's a stretch, but they haven't proven me wrong yet.

  6. Ken Hans....Not a corpse poster.

    I read your essay post two times. The first sentence was outstanding.
    The last paragraph had the beef.
    Stanton, you are correct, was not needed. A trill at that moment.
    But someone should have given some thought to that $220 million out lay.
    Pitching wins. In my lifetime that is all I heard. Look at Houston.

    A true Ace acquired over the winter for a few blue chips, would have
    carried the day this October. After all, how many chips can you hold onto. me, you are terrific. Stay well my friend.

    1. Thank you Patrick same too you. Let's hope Bonne gets a little feisty. I know I'm ready


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