Friday, May 11, 2018

Hello… Mother’s Day Weekend

Good morning everyone and a Happy Friday to everyone reading this on this beautiful morning. This is a special weekend for us all, it is Mother’s Day weekend! Some may be thinking, well my mother passed away or I don’t really have a relationship with my mother, and while that sucks it still is fine. You know why? A person doesn’t have to carry you and grow you in their body for nine months to be considered a mother, or even your mother. Sometimes your Aunt has to pick up the slack, or your grandmother, or a beautiful blonde haired, blue-eyed vixen with an insatiable desire for love has to come in and remind you just how awesome you are. Hell, there are even single father’s out there who have to be both, so never feel like you are alone. Ever. But especially on this day and this weekend.

Make it special and have a great day and a great weekend everyone. Especially you, the mother that my children always needed. The woman in my life I always dreamed for and never even knew it. My rock, my mountain, my world, my everything. My Kari. I love you and I hope you have the very best Mother’s Day.

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