Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hello… Pitchers Having to Hit RANT

Good morning everyone and welcome back to Interleague Play. I know I probably make this rant every single year, but it is only because I feel so strongly about it. I can appreciate the fact that there is diversity in Major League Baseball between the American League and the National League, and I very much appreciate the differences in the leagues, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it when the Yankees head to a National League park. Why? Pitchers having to hit.

I can buy into the whole “strategy” and old-school feel of the game having a pitcher hit or bunt three-or-four times a night, the pinch-hitting aspects, moving runners over, and playing small ball… but, again, it doesn’t mean that I have to like it.

I cannot stand watching a pitcher that has no business swinging a bat, and a pitcher that likely hasn’t really swung a bat with any consistency since high school or college, having to go up at the Major League level and take swings. It is an injury risk, hello Chein-Ming Wang, and it just zaps any of the fun out of the inning in my opinion. I know it is just my opinion and some fans absolutely love seeing it, I just don’t personally.

So, to Masahiro Tanaka and especially to CC Sabathia this week in Washington… take it slow. Strike out or bunt if you have to, and for the love of everything good in this world make it out in one piece this week. Thanks in advance.

And to my Kari, 15 more days… I love you!!!

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