Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hello… And Welcome Back!

Good morning everyone and welcome back to the blog. I apologize for my couple week hiatus from writing and I hope you all are still around to read these words. Life is busy, it’s summer time. School is out down here, vacations are being taken and work is through the roof right now. Things are calming down though for the most part so just bear with me while I get things caught up here on the blog. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a bunch of news to share with you.

On Friday, June 8th I took my lovely girlfriend Kari to the top of a local spot here where we live called Amicalola Falls. I had never been before, although she had multiple times, so I enjoyed our hike up the falls and the scenery that surrounded it. It was a beautiful site and is something that I encourage anyone to go see if they are in the area, but this area will always be special to us for an entirely different reason. On that fateful night I asked my Kari to marry me! And of course, she said yes, I mean… how could she not? So, my girlfriend Kari is now my fiancé Kari. Yay!!

I love you my beautiful Kari, I always have, and I always will. Now let’s get caught up on all this Yankees news, shall we?


  1. You only missed the Yankees being shut out and almost matched pith per pitch the whole series.
    I think we have to make an adjustment in the theory that they teach for hitting here.
    We take pitches down the middle and flail at those out of the zone and refuse to swing with two strikes at a pitch that is close.Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades .
    What I have seen about Torres is when moved out of his familiar 9 spot in hitting he tends to get more aggressive and swings at pitches out of the zone and I am ready for Red Thunder and the trade of Aaron Hicks.He does not come through in the clutch anymore , if were not going to promote Red Thunder then move Sanchez to DH and let Romine bat.
    Sanchez looks lost , looks over weight and can't hit a curve ball and chases everyhing in the dirt( maybe Aaron Boone needs to bench him for a couple of days or send him down for a week for long bus rides)
    Time to hure a hypnotist , Gray can't pitch at home , Judge can't hit on the road and Stanton can't hit at home.
    Judge can't hit LH ( he is right handed) Stanton can't hit RH and Sanchez

  2. Congratulations to both you and Kari, Daniel! A wish for a lifetime of happiness and success!

  3. Hey i know a great location photographer.


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