Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Rise and Fall of the Valkyries… Chapter One

Hello everyone, don’t mind me… just a little self-promotion and advertising here on the blog. No, really though. I alluded to the fact that I had written a book the last time that we spoke, but in true Daniel Burch fashion I left everyone hanging as to what the book was about, where they could read it, etc. My bad and you have my apologies.

Today I wanted to kind of tease the book a little while advertising it a bit, but I do so with a bit of a disclaimer. When I wrote this book, I wrote it for my girlfriend, now fiancĂ©, Kari and for her eyes only. I never intended for anyone else to read it, so therefore there are certain things that I didn’t feel the need to fully explain like I would have had to had I decided to write this for everyone. I realize this, and I fully intend on editing this book and expanding it to reach a broader audience. This is more of a proof at this point than anything, and this is definitely a work in progress and is subject to change.

But for today, and just because I had received a few questions and inquiries about the book, I want to post the prologue and the first chapter as they stand today. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section or via Twitter (@GreedyStripes). If the support is there I will post a few more chapters, and if not then I will leave well enough alone and won’t bore you with the details of our love story built from across the battlefield.

Enjoy, and really… let me know your thoughts. I need the criticism, good or bad. Thank you in advance.


Welcome to the Land of Bartow, a war-ravaged world in a constant struggle for power and dominance. Once ruled by an evil dictator-led group named Scopely the Land of Bartow was liberated by a group of freedom fighters known as the Valkyries. With Scopely out of the way and the Valkyries taking over as the leaders of the Land of Bartow the land, and the region it made up, flourished.

As with any story of absolute power, the absolute power corrupts absolutely which led to many unhappy people across the Land of Bartow. Pockets of resistance began popping up all across the region, but many went ignored by the Valkyries regime. Was it pride, cockiness, or just ignorance that was the reason for this? That much is unclear, but as one rebel group fell two would pop up in their place until one group stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Ironically the group named themselves “Defiance,” and defy the odds they did turning into one of the biggest resistance groups to stand up and fight the Valkyries in all of Bartow. Now that Defiance was finally on the Valkyries radar, was it too late?

Follow Dan, a member of the Valkyries in charge of spying on and keeping tabs over the rebel group, Defiance, during his struggle of what is right, what is wrong, and what is meant to be. When Dan meets a young woman by the name of Kari from across the battlefield can a love grow, and a relationship prosper? Or will it be just like everything else in Bartow? Set up to fail before it started.

Chapter 1       The Rise

The world is darkest just before the sunrise and that was the case in the Land of Bartow on this cold Monday morning in December. The sky was pitch black, but Dan was already awake and ready to start his day. Dan was a member of the Valkyries, a government regime that ruled and ran the Land of Bartow and a regime that has long before Dan had ever been brought into the world. The Valkyries had long-owned the Land of Bartow and they did so by any means necessary, by force, by might and by deceit. The Valkyries leader, Poke, ruled with an iron fist and if anyone ever attempted to stand against him and his regime it was immediate exile and death, it depended on how much he liked you as to which came first.

Dan was relatively new to the Valkyries being a member less than a year, but he felt at home there. He felt happy there. Dan was not the strongest member of the Valkyries nor was he the biggest member either standing with an average height, average weight and containing his average looks. Dan was just that in every way, at least in his own eyes, average. Dan wore his blonde hair short, almost shaved actually, and a neatly trimmed beard that only accentuated his deep blue eyes. Dan had never been one to draw the attention from many, both from the male and the female persuasion, and he didn’t speak much either, but when he did Dan generally commanded the attention of the room. Dan was a leader, through and through, and he not only commanded attention and respect, he demanded it.

This was especially important for Dan as he was recently made a member of the Valkyries council. The council were essentially the leaders of the group that ran both the Valkyries and the Land of Bartow. It was a position of power and a position of prestige among your peers within the community, and it was a job that Dan took very seriously.

As Dan walked out of his home he kissed his two young children, Evan and Hayden, goodbye for the day and went on to work as he had every day for a year prior, but today would be different. It was the day after Christmas and something was just in the air, Dan could feel it.

You are obviously under no obligation to purchase this, especially knowing that this WILL change, and a lot, but if you are interested in the book and want the entire physical copy for yourself you can find the book here. Link below. I am also in the process of adding a digital copy to Kindle and such, but I haven’t made it that far yet. Bear with me and thank you for your continued support.


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